Double happiness! The Lakers have harvested news, James is amburopted, Howard welcomes spring


After the big reversal of the king, the Lakers will usher in a highly eye-catching Los Angeles. This verses will be the key war for the test of Lakers. After all, in the leader of the pickled pepper, the fast boat is playing the wind. Obviously, the Lakers will not want to lose. To win, the Lakers must take out 100% effort. Of course, Walger also carefully arranges tactics and arranges the player reasonably.

Before the war, the Lakers got a good news in two, which increased the weight of the Lakers to win Demi. There
are two good news. The first good news, James is about to return. Previously, James had a positive situation when he received nucleic acid detection. This moment triggered the focus of the public. He also missed the Lakers and Kings. Just thinking that James is to be isolated for at least 10 days, the news he was announced will have been released. According to reliable news, James has shown negative in the past 8 nucleic acid detection, and he officially passed the health and safety agreement. Based on this, James can participate in the game of the Lakers and the Clippers. James is coming out, the chance of winning the Lakers will be big.

Article 2 Good news, Howard ushered in spring. Just just, Walgel revealed a very important information when he was interviewed, which is how to get the first opportunity to get the first battle in the Los Angeles Derby. Seeing this, many fans were happy while making Huo, also think that Walger finally opened. In fact, Howard has gained the first opportunity. In the past game, he can always make the fans in front of his eyes. In the game of reversing the king, Howard is the first hero. Although the gaw of Warcraft is no longer, he is still very brave in the basket’s ability to make the box.

The Lakers can be said to be double-happiness! By the way, the two good news appear before and after two hours. Since the season, the Lakers have had many problems. One is a problem, many people have a different degree of injuries, and some people have not played a game in the season; one is a defensive problem, the defense of the Lakers is very bad, compared to the previous season It is really like a cloud of clouds; one is a three giant mill, and Wei Sha is how to see why. However, the Lakers are solving these problems through recent games. The wounded returned, and the defensive also went up. The three giants also played more and more taste.

As long as the Lakers stay healthy, they play their own rhythm, which is still a powerful compete for the championship.