Do you still say that your dishes? The wild horse coach said that the fans have the right to feel angry with the team.


October 20th, the opening of the wild horse this season can be said to be extremely frustrated and painful, the team’s new season opened the game, although the team has gone two consecutive victories, everything seems to be good, However, the game lost to the chief last Thursday, and poured a pot of cold water in the wild horse fans.

In the game last Thursday, the wild horses faced the chief in the home, although the chief suffered a difficult setback, the team lost the MVP quartz Patrick-Mahmus, but also defeated the wild horse at 30-6.

Since this horses season records have come to 2 wins and 5 losses, the wild horseman coach Victs Van Gio has passed a straightforward information to the team’s fans who express their dissatisfaction.

Van Gio told Media on Friday: “When the team has this performance, they have an angry right, and they also have all rights to the team.

We may take all this. They are all faithful fans, I will soon realize this, we are doing every effort to solve these problems in the team. “

The head coach Fan Gio, General Manager of the Mustang Macaro or anyone else to do what is always waiting to be observed, and the team has no clear improvement schedule.

The wild horse did not encounter any problems in the game on Thursday, and the experienced four-point Guo Joe-Vlaco is flat, and some people think he should be replaced. Fraco’s struggle became more complicated by the issue of offensive front, on this offense front line, the defensive performance of the Emirates, excellent performance in the whole game, has always been there since the season.

The wild horse runs to Weifei-Linsay and Royce-Fremiman’s scorpion performance in the previous two consecutive victories, but the game is not too high. The defense of Danfo wild horse is not much better, but the biggest problem in the team is the team’s attack.

Although the head coach declares need to retrieve the status repair and fans as soon as possible, there is no indication that the team will reorganize the team.

“Fraco is part of the team attack, although the current attack is not good, but he is only a member of the 11 people at the offensive group. Obviously the quarter-saving is an important part of the attack, I think his performance and other People are not good enough, we are struggling. “Fan Gio said when talking about the team’s quadrant.

Wild Hemor Zough Piece Gret – Bors is very struggling, but now he will also be the first left cut. The first round of the team’s first round Xiu Nua – Fantic continued to perform struggle, this struggle is particularly obvious in the game competition.

Fan Gio said: He needs to do it, it is the problem before the reflection, and his confidence will become better. He is a young player, and we will continue to cultivate him and let him play, he will honor the talent sooner or later. “

New coach, first round show struggle, new quarter-saving, etc., these operations of the racing season did not achieve the national intended targets.

The trading around the wild horse has been lasts for a few weeks, but it has never happened. After this transfer, the transaction reconstruction once again became a topic discussed, but Van Giio and Elvis denied the transaction negotiation.

“We haven’t discussed any trading yet, I don’t know how it will be, let us wait and see.”

In this tuning season, the host lost to the chief game, the problem of wild horses did not get any resolution.