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Last week, this newspaper reported that “This is the warm heart of the parents and children”, telling the story of a group of parents after the training institution’s race, causing everyone’s attention and praise.Many comments gave Dad and encouraged, even Xinhua News Agency reporters followed into interviews.There are also positive lines that are also in a dilemma, exchange consultation with them, and more people go to Xiaoshan Stadium to train from Yuhang to train, and they can contact them to seek cooperation … Just a few days, there have been more than a dozenParents are willing to join, this “door-to-door” football team is entering the right track.

Leave a long time

Rear back

In 2018, because of the cooperative cooperation and setback education of American football, Fan Ye Lin gave the child a training course in Hangzhou Campus of Jiyun Youth American Rugby School. One study is two years.

Before the Spring Festival, Fan Yelin is full of joy and fees waiting for the class. After the epidemic, the epidemic is waiting to close the door, and even the person in charge of the training institution can not contact.

The children in the kriti sanon news field have increased significantly.

Dad and children play together training

Finally, 10 “four-leaf grass” parents, including Fan Ye Lin, did a decision: buying a teaching aircraft, retrieving the coach, ready to start, and re-opening, let the little doll continue to ride on the ground.

After reporting, the reporter returned to the weekend reporter. This us consulate mumbai news training sports field is particularly lively: 11 children, 10 adults on both sides, under the leadership of the coach, complete the corresponding specified action with the whistle.

“After the report was issued last week, it was very resound in the parent-safe rights group.” Fan Yelin laughed. The parents who have been encouraging are particularly positive, and almost every small player’s father is present together to participate in training.

Mr. imp banking news Zhu is one of the parents who have been experienced by the child Shaw after seeing the report. Previously, Mr. Zhu had experienced the institutional running road in early education institutions, but in the national training institution, he also stepped on the thunder, so that he was still quite unexpected.

After the institution, Mr. Zhu also heard that there is a coach organizer to continue to go back to the training: “Just on the original site, there is not much person.” In his opinion, compared to the coach, “Four Lee Grass Team “This parent-led way, more cohesive, and the atmosphere is better.

At the same time, parents and children played together training models, gave him a deep impression.

The SHAWN to the court is a bit retreat. Mr. Zhu, who is wearing sandals, simply on the feet, telling Shawn with actions: Dad first, you have to keep up!

This way is fruitful, and Shawn has quickly picked up with the companions. Mr. Zhu said that when the previous institutional training, many Dads were jumped in the field, but unfortunately, the conditions were not allowed, and they did not expect to have a dream at this time.

Dad shows bright eyes! Father at the scene made a person who applaud

Dad on the field, a squid was touched, not only the relatives and relatives on the scene, the children were happy, and Dad would like the most sincere applause like a big boy.

Fan Yelin said, “We encourage every family to experience the family with your child to go to the game, and do the real words.”

Coach’s heart to figure up the credit card

Continue classroom incentive

Ms. Yuan took the son Rocky from Yuhang to train training, and took an hour and a half on the road.

Previously, Rocky was a class of students with class Evan and foreign teacher Paul. So when I saw my son re-laughed under the leadership of the coach, Ms. Yuan, who couldn’t help but feel a happy.

Although playing football is half a year, but Rocky’s body coordination, sports ability has been significantly improved. Not only that, the children also collect the rewards of every training.

Card collected by Rocky

“Before the institution, they can get a card with actions or on-time training. The card is like points, and then can also exchange various prizes such as football equipment.” Ms. Yuan took out a plastic box, which is Rocky. Did you have a card with a redemption, there are more than two or thirty pieces.

This detail, the coach Evan did not forget.

Children shared after getting new card

After the course, he convened the children. “Last on time! Today, come to raise your hand …” Take a closer look, Evan sent to the children’s card is the favorite Altman pattern of children, and the children who get cards also look at you. , Smile me, full of joy. “The previous institution’s card is customized, I can’t get it, so I want to go to the Internet to take a group of Altman cards like children.” Evan said. Since then, small students who come to train can also redeem gifts with cards. The previous reward measures will not be less.

Training is entering the right track

This week will add a group of small players

For the father, the social repercussions caused by the post-published news is to give them two months of persistence and the best feedback. “I just felt that it was a group of helplessness, I have never thought, I can harvest so many people’s encouragement.”

For the coach, the consultation with parents of Shanghai, Hangzhou, etc. in the past few days is the best affirmation.

After the institution, Evan had a short leaving the rugby training industry for a while and became an internet operator. So when the parents re-found him, he has had hesitant. In the end, because he can’t put this batch of children, he resigned and gave them a lesson every week.

After the children’s affairs, every comment of Evan carefully looked carefully. For some people, “why not docking other training institutions, let the children continue to learn”, he has its own view: “This batch is basically 5- 6 years old, in the middle class, the root of the Rugby institutions in Hangzhou is not much. There is no training in such a small age. “

Every time I sign in the card, my parents have made records.

In addition to the team’s children join the experience, there are more than a dozen parents who have also registered the experience. So this weekend, Evan plans to open a lesson, “The team class is basically four to six o’clock in the afternoon, and the ordinary class may be placed in front and rear time, and can also watch each other at the scene.”

At present, the team training is mainly Evan and the foreign teacher Paul read in Jinhua. As the scale is gradually increased, Evan has done a full time from part-time. He also hopes to have more fresh blood to join them: “It is best to fully Mainly, it will formulate a teaching plan according to the children’s circumstances, practice class, and make training more standardized. “

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