Cut 73 + 21 + 18! Others are three giants, the bull is the four giants


In the end of the game, the bull was worth 123-88.

Bulls This week, three consecutive welfare schedules, a five-step number of the countdown in the east, and the second battle hit the first rocket in the West, and the three battles played the first magic of the eastern

According to reason, they should easily win the winning victory to further consolidate their qualifications. Who knows that the bull is hard to pass through the ditch, strike a walk, mad 32 points, rocket, and 5 points.

For a time, I didn’t understand whether the bull wanted to do it.

Said that they have to send warmth, but people walk, the rockets are running, you let them win, they are in the pit!

Speaking of their dishes, nor, after all, this season is killed by them.

In this case, then when Wu Chiwei has just returned, the team is still in the middle of the body, and the state is not good.

Two consecit of two consecutive giving to the league bottom team, today’s fight magic, this is always can’t turn over?

Before the game, Wu Chiwi Zeng public formal gum: Magic will always be in my heart, this game will be very difficult.

At first I thought that Wu Cai Wei said, it means that the magic teammates are too familiar, he does not go to hand.

But the game is playing, telling the truth, he can’t go to your hand at all!

On the first quarter of the first quarter, and the magic team spelled five five five five, the second section begins, it is completely unable to win 10+ points, the whole game, 35 points Great victory.

Wu Chiwei accounted 16 points and 8 rebounds.

It is not because he can’t bear to get started, it is purely because of the team’s digestive players.

21 points of Ravin, 23-point Durzan, 13 + 4 + 6 + 5 steal Bauer, four giants cut 73 points 21 rebound 18 assists, plus the replacement seats also take 20 points of Kobe , The Queen of the positive and negative value +38 .

This lineup, I really don’t need to take someone to take a high score.

Bull data

People are three giants, they directly four giants,

At first glance, there is no deputy attack point, the whole nue is the main attack point.

The guys of magic do their best, but the opponent is pure bandits.

Magic data

With the help of the magic game, I declare the formal return of Wu Chiwei, and I am more expected to be a battle for the warrior team after ten days.

Eastern Strong Brigade VS Western Qi Qi, the universe VS four giants, this is a bit.