Curry Young explosion cut 32 points +6-third! He is from South Korea! Into the NBA probability is much larger than the Cengfan Bo


Over the past few years there is no shortage of Asian-American players were selected for further study, but as a Chinese men’s basketball team main competitor in Asia, South Korea men’s basketball team, but also the birth of a potential star, he is the library of the University Young Lee Hyun-heavy. The Guohao Wen and had no clear winner on the Yaqingsai 21-year-old teenager, 2 meters tall and 01 in the 18-year U18 Yaqing Sai, who Biao and Guo Haowen mutual scores, game Guohao Wen scored 33 points and 8 rebounds and 4 assists and two steals, while Lee Hyun weight are not much better, scored 33 points, 10 rebounds and 6 assists and 4 steals. After the end of the year Yaqing Sai, Lee Hyun-heavy selection went to the United States seeking to develop, but at that time, including eight NCAA Division I universities were issued against him offer, Lee Hyun-heavy final choice to join the NBA superstar Stephen Curry’s alma mater Davidson College .

NCAA in his rookie season, Lee Hyun weight can be met appearances were 8.4 points, 3.1 rebounds, plays the team’s sixth man role, while in the second season he gradually firmly secured the absolute main team, but also to their own data elevated to 13.5 points and four rebounds, three-point shooting as high as 44.2%, and in addition to more threatening offensively, Lee Hyun-heavy also in this season to strengthen their ability to attack the ball, and deliberately began to take on the burden of a number of organizations. As a projection on this excellent striker, if it can be accomplished in terms of organization, Lee Hyun-heavy future may really limitless.

At present, the new NCAA season is in full swing among the most recent game, Lee Hyun weight led Davidson to 75 than 58 beat Charlotte University, the whole game he was 6, scored season highs of 32 from beyond the arc in 12 points and 14 rebounds. As an Asian player, able to play such a dominant data is really quite good. In the 2022 session of the latest NBA mock draft recently conducted among US media, Lee Hyun rearrangement in the first round 29, he is also a good chance to appear next season in the NBA. Contrast this Gonzaga University in the NCAA this season entering the school of Cengfan Bo, but now the League has almost become a bit-part role in the end of the bench, he had wanted to go Jay Greene, 乔纳森库明加 piece from Alliance Development the road to the NBA, not ordinary people can imagine the difficulty.

Early in the season, NCAA there have been a total of two scoring average to 10+, and can enter into the club of 180 players, it is the first of the season has entered the NBA team of the University of Virginia pelican striker Trevor Murphy III , and the other is the potential for South Korean star Lee Hyun-heavy, last season played for the college Davidson, the team firmly secured the main position, he averaged 13.https://www.nbatrikots4.com5 points, 4 rebounds, 2.5 assists, three shooting came to 50.8%, respectively, 44.2 % and 90%. As mentioned earlier, as an Asian player Lee Hyun-heavy players can play even better than the United States some personal data, the crowd really amazing spectacle. Unlike other after entering the NCAA, not to mention physical confrontation can not keep up such a high intensity game, or even most of the time even the main rotation can not get into the team, Lee Hyun-heavy and can in Europe these top players for the next bit does not strive, but also data can be blasted so gorgeous, the prospects for next season to enter the NBA, very large indeed.

As had been rated as four-star high school students Zengfan Bo, Li Xian had the opportunity and the same weight, on the road to the NCAA, after re-Dream NBA, but why he chose to refuse
to join such a tyrannical tradition Gonzaga University, and is going to develop this league is full of a lot of data jungle brush stage, a little selfish if they do not, their data becomes more beautiful, I am afraid that after the end of the season, NBA and he really wants to say goodbye, like Zhangzhen Lin, Lee Hong-right (this season temporarily switch to nbl, next season will return to Shanghai) as CBA played back.

If Lee Hyun weight can really hold their own in the library of his alma mater to become the main core position and continue to play the dominant data, Korea may usher in after Ha Seung-Jin, has an NBA player in the future, and in contrast to the original Ha Seung-Jin NBA basically soy sauce, advocating for today’s most popular NBA Trey Lee Hyun-heavy cast, not only have the opportunity to gain a foothold in NBA, there may even be like eight villages Lei so you can play regularly rotated in the team, even starting potential star .