Curry 3 points? I am no longer silent, back: I have to be able to take my hand.


Now, when we go to the nearby basketball court, we will clearly find that now, more young people’s three-point shots are more accurate, and they choose to use three-pointers’ end attacks. More than ten years ago, young people who have chosen to break through the next basket or imitate Kobe, and they are not in a small number.

There is no doubt that Curre has changed the basketball game and style in his shooting ability. Unlike other shooters, the Curi can take a shot in any place in half.

For many other NBA players or basketball commentators, some of the choices of Curry will be considered a bad shot. But it is obviously a unique player in the library. It is nothing to do with a high-difficult three-point shot outside a high difficult three-point and three-point line. Since he has excellent offensive performance in recent years, many people think he is the most difficult player in the alliance.

Recently, Curre accepted the interview of Michael Wilben, and did not consider whether he sometimes shooting is not so good. Curry directly said that he didn’t have a bad shot, and claimed that he had confident that he can invest any high difficulty and form.

The day before yesterday’s NBA regular season warriors, the attention of the sun, but the attention is very high, but the library 21 is 4, which is a situation in the Curry, so today’s interviews have brought this question, that is Curry sometimes shooting is not so good. Curry said in this question: “As long as it is the ball I can vote, there is no way to choose a difference, you can show you that I have confidence.”

The excellent performance of Curri last season made him a score of the NBA Alliance Regular season, and can be clear from the first 21 War Shops in the top 21, he is still efficient. There is no doubt that Curry will usher in another MVP level season. Jinzhou Warriors opened this season to start a record of 18 wins, and their performance did not start the signs of decline, and a game lost to the sun was only a long regular season, a normal failure, while Curi’s The feel is only a temporary

More importantly, to remember that there is no Thompson and Huosman to help him divide the defensive strength of the other party. Once these two people return to the team, it is clear that the Warriors will become a better team, Thompson Provide external fire, Huosan offers rebound protection and internal barriers.

Countless fans hope that the Golden Golden Warrior team will return to the season in this season and play the same brilliance as 2015 to 2019. As of now, it seems that there seems to happen with the current situation of the CHR and the team. Many fans are of course looking forward to seeing the library again in the playoffs, or the bursts of water brothers in the playoffs.