Curry: Passing the ball is too urgent, there are many non-forced mistakes, do not always be switched.


Beijing time December 1st news Warriors 96-104 do not end to the sun, seven consecutive victories end, and also let the first position of the league.4 of Coir 21 received 12 points and 3 rebounds 2 assists.

After the game, when I talked about 22 championships in the team, Kuri said: “In the first half of the first half, we have
many times in the controlled ball, which can be said to be called non-compulsive mistakes. JustThere are other choices on the field, we will throw the ball. In this case, we haven’t scored it. The sun has a good chemical reaction. There are a lot of opportunities. We need to make adjustments, carefully handle the ball.If you can reduce eight mistakes, you can win more offensive opportunities. There will be so many conversions in opponents. They have a lot of hands to convert offensive, a lot of shooters. “

(华 白)