Cowboy Executive Vice President Xiao Jones speak: Prescot is still the four-point guard of our future


October 13 (Wen / ESPN Todd Archer Compile / Love) Although this week has not yet ended, this week’s NFL’s largest news has been released. Dallas Cowbi 4-point San Daku-Prescot is reimbursed in the arms of the giant’s competition, and it is possible to miss the next season, people are also worried about his injury, and they are also worried about his cowboy. future. However, the team executive vice president Stephen Jones may make Prescot a little relief.

Jones said that Prescot’s ankle injury did not change the team’s view for quadrant. “We will absolutely don’t shaken.” Xiaolus said in an interview with radio shows. “He is our future four-point guard, he is so special. If someone can overcome any difficulties, then this person is Dako. Our doctor He can overcome this difficulty is very pleased. He will be better than any time after returning. “

Having said, Prescot will become an unrestricted free player after the end of this year, in fact this season, he also brought the $ 31.4 million privilege label in play, and the performance of this season is for him Whether it can be signed is critical, this bone eye is seriously injured, and it is clear that his future sign is unaffected. In principle, the cowboy can also use the privilege label next season, but they need to pay $ 37.7 million salary.

This summer, the cowboy has opened a contract for $ 50 million in a $ 10 million signature and $ 110 million in the contract, but the contract is the focus of the disputes of the two parties. Denim wants a 5-year contract, while Prescott only hopes to sign for 4 years. However, although the contract has not been discounted, both parties believe that it can reach a long-term contract.

Prescot took surgery on the evening of the game, and the next afternoon was discharged home. Cowboy coach Mike McCarti conversation with his main four defense after the next day. It is reported that 27-year-old Prescot will face a 4-6 month rehabilitation treatment.

“His mental state is very good, I know that he is very happy to return home, starting the process of rehabilitation, just like he is doing, he is doing very well.” McChak said, “I am more concerned about Dako, And ensure that he gets the spirit and emotional support because he is so great player. He is always helpful, doing a lot of things for others, now I am refueling for him, not just the first few days, but always Make sure he gets our support in the process of returning. “

Due to the economic losses caused by the new championship, the wage in the 2021 season is expected to be reduced. Cowboy originally prepared to resolve the left disappearance Tailong-Smith, right struck Zack-Martin and defensive end Edge Turkus Lawrence’s contract, in this way, for them, for them, for them, for them, for Pi Scott’s contract is prepared.

However, today’s economic pressure, Jones is more concerned about the health of Prescott, before Prescott surgery, he and boss Jie Jones have conducted a conversation.

“He is our heart, lost him, it is like being pierced into the heart.” Xiao Jones said, “I think we are still shocked, but it is certain that Dako is a warrior, he experienced There are a lot, he can overcome all the questions, this time is no exception. He will do what he should do, and everyone is praying for him; we very much hope that he can fully overcome the influence of injury, and prepare Good next year to participate in the competition. “