Congratulations! The NBA team is aimed at Zhou Qi, returning to NBA is only one step, this is really "thanks" Yao Ming


At present, the Chinese men’s basketball team will usher in the world’s schedule, two Japanese men’s basketball teams in the home battle, the Chinese men’s basketball team is also a must, so Du Feng is also a total of 16 players in today’s CBA, composed The strongest lineup of today’s Chinese men’s basketball team. At present, the team is still in the training stage. Today, all members are also mobilized meeting, including Zhao Rui and Guo Allen, etc., they also speaking, they also summed up the previous mistakes, and have a statement, they have to say Du Feng through these days. Training Let the players have a lot of great changes, so that the team’s cohesiveness is also more excellent, so the event with the Japanese men’s basketball team will pay attention to the whole God. In addition, the Chinese men’s basketball team will also gain two more victories.

At present, as Easy Jianlian sees this event, this also means that Yi Jianlian’s national team has ended, and Zhou Qi is unparalleled by the banner of the Chinese men’s basketball team. As the most trusted player of the Chinese men’s basketball team, Zhou Qi also became a brother of today’s Chinese men’s basketball team. At present, Zhou Qi is working in NBL League, which has become the only player in China’s men’s basketball team. At present, Zhou Qi participated in three presections, which can be said that he has successfully laid its own main line. In the first game, Zhou Qi 4 in 4, got 10 points and 8 rebound data; the second Zhou Qi got a 17-minute 12 rebound 3 cover data; the third Zhou Qi 8 shot 5, get 10 points 9 rebounds 2 cap data.

At present, Zhou Qi has split the team third, rebound, cover is the first in the team, such performance is worthy of the identity of foreign aid, but Zhou Qi also has a shortcoming, such as the foul problem is always controlled, he still needs Adapt to the Patient Scale of the Australian League. Of course, Zhou Qi is also obvious to improve his ability. Of course, Zhou Qi is also a good thing, because he knows that it is only a springboard that he knows the Australian League, his ultimate goal is to return to NBA . This is not a dream of Zhou Qi people, Zhou Qi does have a certain ability, if you find a suitable system, you can indeed be based in NBA.

Today, today’s famous media people also said that because Zhou Qi played outstanding in the NBL preseason, it also received NBA’s attention. He said that there is already an NBA team to inquire Zhou Qi, but did not reveal which team. Of course, this is just a preseason. Zhou Qi wants to return to NBA. It is the game of the national team, and continue to play his own advantage in the NBL regular season, so Zi Qi really can attract NBA. Attention, there is also an opportunity to return to NBA. So I also hope that Zhou Qi can continue to come to the oil, continue to work hard for her dream!

If Zhou Qi played a famous temple in the Australian League, he returned to NBA, and he had to thank Yao Ming and Xinjiang men’s basketball team. If Yao Ming continued to make Zhou Qi’s effectiveness in CBA, it is impossible to inspire Zhou Qi to go to overseas talents. The determination and courage. This is also a variable incentive. In this regard, what do you think? Do you think Zhou Qi has rising space? Can he enter the rotation lineup in NBA? Anyway, I hope that the fans will support Zhou Qi’s dreams, come on!