Compared! US media sun Jordan Canier quarrel screen, the lens, Barawa, is active


On December 1, Beijing time, the Lakers 117-92 defeated the king, I believe that all of Havers have been touched by Howard, and the last half of this game has got the first opportunity. Warcraft has proved himself, replacing 12 points and 13 rebounds. At the scene, the winning 27 is second. However, Huraward, Hawaw, said, Warr, Warr, told him that he would not play tonight, so he also lost, but he still prepared!

Perhaps, after reading this scene, you know why Woger will enable Xiaordan. There is a US media to make the quarrel of Qiao Dan and Woger. After
all, in many games in the past, even Xiao Jordan + strong eyebrows’ double tower is the other party’s restricted area, Woger is still the first! But it seems that after this scene, everything has changed. At that time, Xiao Jordan and Woger broke out a more fierce quarrel. From the picture, At the beginning, Xiao Jordan sat in honestly, Woger seems to have said something, Xiaordan suddenly sang.

Thereafter, the two sides have further communication, and Xiao Jordan has a finger in the finger, and the lens at that time is happening to Howard is actively and the inner player card, which is the advantage of the Lakers.

Xiao Jordan’s game was 4 minutes, and there was no longer played again. At the same time, Howard got 4 minutes in the first quarter, 4 minutes of contributing 6 points and 3 rebounds, the second session 7 minutes contribution 4 Different 3 rebounds 1 steals, the third quarter fought for 10 minutes to contribute 4 rebounds 1 Step 2 caps, the fourth quarter is 2 minutes to contribute 2 points and 3 rebounds.

It seems that after the strong eyebrow and Howard, Walle is more re-use, but it may be that the Lakers have a bad record and the shortcomings of Xiao Qianda.

Howard has been expressed in an interview. World of Warcraft said that if he didn’t pay for the West in the 19-20 season, the Lakers may not pass the Nuggets. After all, this is the 8th All-Star + 3-year best defensive player!

The author dug out the data, then the Lakers 3-1 leading the Nuggets, the statistics of Howard, the net efficiency of the Nuggets, but Howard is not present, the net efficiency of 2.8!

The official data of the NBA is that Huo Haw is net efficiency in 66 minutes, and he is not present in 128 minutes, the lake is net efficiency-6.5. Xi Ji Hao Bat, plus the failure of the 20-21 Saitai,
which is why the Lakers will sign back to Howard.

There is no reuse before. On the one hand, Xiaordan is more delicious. On the one hand, it is also the conflict of Zhao Ge and Howard, but now Walgel seems to have no other choice, let us bless Howard.