Chicago White Socks continued his own reinforcement. It is reported that they have signed the price of the 5-year-old $ 24 million in the right of the sailor and space people in the right of the sailor and the space. He served as the end of the semi-year year last season, and then went to the spaceman mainly as a layout forward for Len Prestis.Gravman has moved over elbow ligament in 2019. Before this, he still pitched his hand. After 2020, it was poor, and he was also stuffed into the cowshed. Finally, the sailor gave up his $ 3.5 million team option at the end of the season and returned 1250,000.In the 30th game of the sailor 33.0,


Gretman sent 34 three vibrators, 12 rescue opportunities won 10 times, and 4 wins and 0 negative records, while the speech rate is only 0.82. In the six months of the space, he also had a rescue failure until the last half of the season, and the 56.0 bureau sent a 56.0 bureau all over the year. It only sent 20 guarantees, and was knocked out 35 security. The rate is only 1.77.

In the playoffs, Gretman has cast a 11.0 bureau, only two points, and it hides. After all of his appearances were after seven games, Dastine Baker was still very relying on him.

White socks, their investment in the cowshed is a history of history. They first took the record-breaking contract to signed Liam-Hendricks, followed by this year’s transactional deadline In exchange for Krag-Gold Breil, there were two famous huto cattle sheds. Although Jinbrell
is unstable in half of the year, it will be dropped twice three times in the playoffs, but the white socks still have implemented a $ 16 million team options in his contract.

However, the general manager of the white socks seems to revealed that it would like to trader Jinbreier in the last month, and now signed Grayman, but also a rear hand, after all, no matter whether it is 1600 Wan’s cowshed is still 8 million cowshouses, which are used to be slightly luxurious when seventh games.

Look at Gretman, his weapon ball is a wadble, the ratio is 63%, which can achieve 61.5% of the global proportion of 61.5%, the hits and long throwings, respectively. 177 and .221. His another kill is a proportion, under a match, the proportion can produce 43.8% of the spending rate, which is his best demolition.

The playoffs and space people have met in the Meidian division, and Graffman has passed the three games three times, fell a point, but he was in the fourth game of Big Brothers in the Fourth Socks. Abu Wu voted in the ball. After the game, he was also accused of the white socks coach Tony – Rudar accused deliberately, and did not expect that the two were actually in a team.