Change history of football people: classic 4-4-2 formation, no, not he can’t do


Former Soviet contribution to the football world is often overlooked, in addition to many excellent players, the Soviet trainer also dials the rain in the football world, in which Maslov may be the most good at thinking .

When inventory of historical celebrity, Maslov is really underestimated, but theory and the contribution to the football world, Maslov is absolutely standing in many handsome, and he has created 4- The 4-2 formation has a long and broad vitality and tactical value.

This is the football we should play.

The location of “Back to You” is the first element of the football formation for a long time, and the maintenance of the stamping is the necessary factors of the early football coach.

The famous football researcher Jonathan-Wilson clasped the distinction between the old-fashioned football and modern football in the “reverse pyramid” book, this oppression is related to the position of the player in the field and breaks the fixed area. The boundary, and the concept of “oppression” is not just staying in the defensive level.

Maslov age of the players is not so much to honor letters, but in the game of his creativity really is unusual, in that time the Soviet Union in the language of the media, “offensive architect” This kind words Maslov is the recognition of the game.

Maslov age of the players are playing for the club Torpedo Moscow team football from the landing stage to the end of the age of the players, Victor – Maslov torpedo has been a part of the team.

After hanging up his boots in 1942, he made good tactical thinking football Maslov became the torpedo coach, when he was only 32 years old, who have never thought that national samachar this turn of Marshal tactical innovations will affect the entire world of football process.

Picked up the pointer from the beginning, Maslov began the transformation of the traditional formation, thought four or five years of the last century has been the main theme of WM soccer tactics.

Maslov seemed to regard the winger should play a more important role in the offense and defense, he was recognized by another marshal of the flexor Krishna advocated a 4-2-4 formation, but he will be two more direct a winger pulled to a position parallel to the core team organization.

Maslov hope around two wide players can take on more tasks collusion on the offensive end, and in the defense, he also hopes the winger can provide more support for the defense.

Torpedo team coach in six seasons, Maslov unlucky attempt he advocated a new telugu global news formation, although this one journey full of hardships and questioned, but Maslov football philosophy has also been fully finalized.

And when after seeing his players had excellent performance in the new formation, the Maslov will say to his disciples in the locker room after the game: “This is what we should play football.”

Zone defense and Dynamo Kiev’s success

WM times, point-to-man defense is a lot of teams based foundation. For the defense, thinking Maslov is even more careful.

“Ten individual is both a player overall, so the defense is all things.” Maslov In summarizing his football philosophy, always keen to emphasize that.

It is because of thinking about the overall defense, Maslov very proactive when in the frontcourt defense value, and this initiative is Jonathan – Wilson called oppression.

With our current up current news perspective, this way of thinking on the context and grab tactics Lang Nike has a high degree of agreement, but by that time to affect the football game offensive and defensive rhythm, Maslov tactical execution-style on a rush and did not seem so large-scale cooperation, so pay attention to the players or the relative position of equilibrium at the stadium Maslov requirements.

When a player on target to grab the initiative, according to another player movement teammates in place in order to ensure maximum blocking complement each other in series, but in the game, each player must not man-mark, Maslow Cardiff area defense concept advocated domain is the most emphasized defense operations among the three two players.

Weekdays training and every game before the game, Maslov will always echo the tactics board emphasis on mutual defense team. 1964, were sufficient precipitation Maslov came to pick up the pointer Dynamo Kiev, where he let the zone defense tactics play a great power.

Maslov Dynamo coach’s first season the team will win the league title in 32 games of the season, the Dynamo lost only 29 balls, so called good enough defensive efficiency.

It is coached Dynamo six years, Maslov 4-4-2 formation has been widely recognized by the world of football, the concept of this formation and tactics Maslov popular in the beginning of the football world.

We should not forget Maslov

Dynamo Kiev period, Maslov players affectionately known as “Grandpa”, he is very gentle for his players, and he loved and respected his love will communicate.

Of course, the other side kind, Maslov also has its own personality, he does not like club managers find fault, when managers have complained about his tactics or team built the way, Maslov always a ton of bricks it is also the reason he eventually left the torpedo and Dynamo Kiev.

In 1975, 65-year-old Maslov in Yerevan football club ended his coaching career, he left the political arena football at the moment are not really harvest flowers and applause. In 1977, Maslov left this world, in his farewell ceremonies and no major scenes.

But Maslov is definitely a highly successful coach, in his limited life, he created a formation in football history has witnessed the vitality and create their own 4-4-2 swept the entire football world.

From the 1970s and eighties, 4-4-2 has become a national football coach in major formations in consideration of formation, in the 1990s, 4-4-2 almost become a symbol of football. After entering the twenty-first century, Carlo Ancelotti, Benitez, who advocated “four-wire war” is also to 4-4-2 and 4-3-3-based framework extend out.

Today, although the 4-4-2 formation did not as popular, but many of the top games, we can still see a lot of famous coaches in the use of such a war, while Atletico Madrid coach Diego Simeone is also still continuing 4-4-2 gives new vitality.

Formation of a pioneering influence in the world of football seventy years, which is Maslov’s achievements, but also because of the football world Maslov was able to complete face-lift in the late 1960s.

The so-called “modern” offensive and defensive football is smoother, stronger ability to integrate football, which is the result of tactical innovation, which of course is the brainchild of Maslov.

Written in the last: now we look back at the history of the development of world football, Maslov the name stands for the times change, if football is a discipline, it is undoubtedly Maslov was a dedicated scholar, he will life All focus was on football, he thought of the tactics of leading the entire era and laid the groundwork for the later decades of continuous tactical revolution.

Just from the football point of view, Maslov is great, not because he was such a great personal achievement made what, but that his ideas are the fruit has continued to shine.

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