CBA Net Network?Shanghai Men’s Basketball Five Data Union, Li Chunjiang again harvested good news


First, the entire first phase of the competition, the
Shanghai men’s basketball team has the first place in the alliance, respectively, the field score, the average assists, the average frontcourt, the average number of balls and the average fast attackScore.Just formed the team, you can play the first score of alliances, indicating that the team’s offensive talent is really excellent, like NBA’ s basket network, is depends on the talents and capabilities of the player!In addition, the state of Franklin is not particularly good, but under his leadership, the number of the Shanghai men’s basketball team also came to the first position of the league, indicating that the chemical response between the team is still good, the players areHappy to share the ball.The outside line has Guo Yanwen, Li Tianrong has a speedy young guard, the counterattack score of the Shanghai team is also quite good, and the ability to catch the opponent’s mistake is very strong!