Casano: Juventus is not a problem with uncle, some high-pay players are very unsatisfactory


Live Bar November 3, in Bobotv, Casano talked about the problem https www google com gws_rd ssl vencountered by Juventus. He thinks this is not Alegi’s own problem, and some high-pay players in the team cannot be with them. The annual salary matches.
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Casano said: “We all said that Juventus’s problem comes from Alegi, but I think this is not his own question. In the Juventus team, there are some annual salary of 6 million euros to 8 million euros. Players, they are not ideal, and did not assume responsibility they should bear. ”

“In the game of Verona, I saw Juventus, lack of personality, no desire, only a good player is Dibara, he tried to create something. I don’t think Quad. Ladcore, www latest hindi news aajtak this Titan Kur or Labiot is qualified, Alas Sandro, Kiriellini, Bouqi, Atur and Denhilo. ”

“I what is today’s headlines think Juventus still has some problems. They invited Alegi. Three years ago, it is still the case. But we can’t think that players have problems, and dd channel hindi some people will eventually take responsibility. Let all restore the original. ”

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