Carry forward the spirit of physical education, public welfare lectures enter the School of Computer Science, Guangdong Technical Normal University:Indian news


In order to let students inherit and carry forward patriotism, study hard, courage to explore, pursue excellence, and glory for the country. Further improve the quality of students, physical health, and the cultivation and practice of socialist core values. “Sports Spirit – A Times Newcomer” series public welfare lectures into the spirit of promotion of physical education, public welfare lectures into Computer Sciences, Guangdong Technical Normal University, combined with learning party history, learn Yan’an spirit, under party construction promotion, aimed to tell each The story of representative sports spirit, advocating the students to pay attention to physical exercise, enhance physical fitness, and maintain good health.

The lecture is a director of the Party Committee of Guangdong Province, the director of the Office, the Secretary-Party Branch of the Office of the Office, the deputy secretary-general of the Guangdong Provincial Football Association, the Minister of Information and Business Development, Deputy Director of the Journalism, Guangdong Sports Industry Association, Guangdong, Guangdong, Guangdong Teacher Ding Jinxing, deputy secretary general of the Provincial Youth Campus Football Expert Committee.

Lecture Middle Ding Teacher uses a humorous language, combined with their own experience, uses a “Yan’an spirit” “Yan’an spirit” “Women’s Right”, “Yogan Spirit” and other era, let The teachers and students at the scene have listened to a vivid image, and the sports spirit of the sports spirit.

The “Sports Spirit – The” Series “” Series “” Series “Bureau of the Times” preaching the activities, the hospital expressed the wonderful lectures of Teacher Ding, let us experience the charm of sports spirit, sports spiritual educators cultivate The importance of aspects. Juvenile strong national strength, every student’s future is under the care of all the teachers, will shine.

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After the end of the lecture, the school director, Ding teacher, also talked about the School of Computer Science, Guangdong Technical Normal University, has a history of undergraduate undergraduate officers, and involves high-level responsibility and strong mission. Higher education. Career, adhere to the integration of education and education and school-enterprise cooperation, and strive to train high-level computers and software development and application talents in society. The college has “Guangdong Intellectual Property Data Key Laboratory”, “Guangdong Cognitive Network Information Processing Engineering Technology Research Center”, “Guangdong Provincial Education and Teaching Big Data Engineering Technology Research Center”, Guangzhou “digital content processing And its safety technology “Key Laboratory, Manchester United Jersey Guangdong Provincial Department of Education” Multimode Recognition and Intelligent Control Safety Key Laboratory “, Ministry of Education Engineering Practice Education Center and other provincial levels of research teaching support platform. The college advances in the “unity, diligence, truth-seeking, and exploiting”, focusing on the “Chinese Characteristics, World Level Technical Normal University”.

It is understood that Ding Jinxing teachers have worked in sports and cultural education for 31 years. He has cultivated Athens and Beijing Olympic Games. Judo Champion. Huang Qiang, Secretary-General of the Football Shirts Wholesale Association, Huang Qiang, deputy director of Huangcun Sports Training Center; Guangdong Freestyle Wrestling Team Head Jobs New; Wrestling Champion Lin Dong; former Guangdong Women’s Basket Coach Pan Wei; Guangdong Women’s Football Rose Rose Foot Tan Ru Yin, Chen Qiaozhu, Tang Qianfen, Wu Chuan, Gold Coach: Yuan Jianli, the National Games Women’s Football Champion Guangdong Team main Zhang Jingnan, Chen Jingli, Wang Xiui, etc. Women’s pole breaks the world record Zhong Guiqing, China ‘s women’s basketball team Asian champion mains Huang Sijing and other athletes. (Correspondent: Mi Zhenhua)

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