Can digitized drive loosen the traditional business model of sports copyright?


This is the problem of the entire industry should work together, copyright parcel, subscription, advertisement, and marketing story, how to conduct a chemical reaction under a more scientific and guaranteed value maximized ecosystem.

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How does the sports industry fully use the current digital to the big era, this is a century proposition. We can say that digital philosophy and technology have spread all over the sports industry, but they want to have revolutionary changes in the core layer, which also needs time precipitation and the rehabilitation of industry in commercial business models. This is not a simple project.

In the process of digitally labeled rail, the sports industry has two core components that feel the most, one is the copyright of the event, and the other is commercial sponsorship. Overall, the process of being digitally affected will not be simple and relaxed, and the latter changes have become more apparent. Because the field of participation, the rapid increase in individuals, the commercialization of sports assets has become a systematic project, how digitalized how to play his greatest effect, and the industry is still exploiting.

Although the four major professional sports alliances in North America can also refresh the record in copyright income, but digital media, OTT and other intruders still have not found their own position in this market. In the United States, the world’s largest sports and media business closed-loop, large media groups still have confidence to tell their own sports business stories. The Sports Union has been constantly innovating and breakthrough, but the basic pattern has not changed, and they have not changed the subjective will. Especially under the influence of the X factor of the epidemic, the pursuit of maximum determinism has become an agreement of ss national news the industrial body.

However, the perspective of the pursuit of marketing goals and fans, the operators of digital copyrights and content should have a better opportunity. This is the problem of the entire industry should work together, copyright parcel, subscription, advertisement, and marketing story, how to conduct a chemical reaction under a more scientific and guaranteed value maximized ecosystem.

Many top sports IPs have realized that they have more ways to release the value of copyright and content, although this evolutionary process must have resistance, this consciousness and discussion have made progress. We believe that differentiation thinking and trying will only get more and more. From the current news, Sergeles and Lib have intentionally strengthen their production capacity on the content of consumers, which will reflect in the future copyright distribution mode. ?? As the CEO of Serie A League, Louisji Desilvo said that the league is intended to transform to the media company, which is not only able to comply with fan demand, but also create greater business benefits.

The Thoughts on Digital Transformation in Digital Transformation and Explore. The Alliance has always been adhering to the use of technology to promote digital transformation, and in terms of broadcast, data, and entertainment experiences in the forefront of the industry. More than 140 experts from Laliga Tech were tailored to the LaRiga League, which made Laliga Tech to commercialize these programs.

Miguel ánel Leal, CEO, Laliga Tech, said: “The sports and entertainment industry faces huge opportunities, can understand the behavior of fans by using data-oriented approaches, for them I don’t have a fascinating experience, thus establishing an emotional contact with fans. times of india business news today Our products are specially developed for this industry, which will help the Western League leader in the digital field in recent years. ”

The La Liga Alliance has been revealed that a new International OTT subscription service Laliga Pass is launched in early 2022, which will be launched as a free service of alliance broadcasting partners. The target user is a super fans. Although this is not a strategy for streaming media, La Liga is still released an obvious signal, and La Liga’s global market distribution is still mainly mainly mainly mainly related to traditional TV platforms. Under the current situation, this mode is in the current situation. Continuously decrease.

In the market, we have been able to see a variety of new copyright content propagation models, paying, free models based on advertising are a wide range of methods in recent years. Importantly, from the current point of view, their application scenarios have a significant increase in expansion. Not long ago, the streaming platform LiveNow has reached a cooperation agreement, providing a live broadcast of pay (PPV) for Belgium, Belgium’s fans can also choose to stream in LiveNow at a price of 4.99 euros. The media platform purchases a single game admission ticket.

The 9 European Football League and Eleven Sports and OneFootball have reached a “landmark” three-year global broadcast agreement, which is expected to get greater exposure and profitable opportunities in the international market. They are Denmark, Iceland, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Northern Irequity, Norway, Poland, Slovakia, and Switzerland. This Nine League announced earlier this year to sell copyright bundles. The key is that this is a free live agreement, and the platform hopes to rely on advertising to obtain profitable opportunities.

Onefootball demonstrates a game of several leagues from the world, while Eleven Sports operates OTT platform and linear channels in some markets. It is crucial that the two companies will provide valuable audience data for the league to lock new fans and provide new profit options in the future. Obviously, copyright distribution mode under digital ecology is more suitable for small league and small markets, and they need more flexible cooperation mechanisms to have the opportunity to build sustainability.

Kevin Mayer, Chairman, DAZN necessary. “Once you have the right, you can use them to do a lot of things, not just obvious subscription income. We are strengthening our advertising technology, we will provide targeted, high quality, high quality, high quality Advertising. We will have the opportunity to use e-commerce functions, link people during the competition. There are also a variety of digital opportunities. ”

Rob Shaw, the competency of Facebook Sports Media and Alliance, believes that the copyright owner will adhere to the test and trust TV model as long as possible, but with more and more audience “bun” The subscription will continue to decline, and a major change will occur. In front of income power, the Sports Union will continue to promote content and product to a broader global market, and single model is unfavorable to the acquisition of the audience and the development of business, they will have our own weigh.

Tang Tang also believes that although the main architecture of the sports copyright market is not easy to subvert, the trend of sports ecosystem diversification is almost irreversible, and the digital power plays a pivotable position. Whether it is a sports copyright market or a sports sponsorship market, the composite type will be a more common form, and the digital players will strengthen existence in the sports business system, with technology and fans to identify the correct value space. In the final analysis, this is the only way to develop and change.

Yang Tang Sports Marketing Conference

Yang Tang Sports Plan held the “Tang Tang Sports Marketing Conference” on November 16. On the one hand, I reviewed the excellent sports marketing incident in 2021, and also discussed the development and direction of future sports marketing markets; more deeply, Tang Tang Sports hopes to build sports marketing windscape with this platform, so that it is the future of sports marketing Gathering place.

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This meeting is mainly divided into three parts.

Part 1: Sports marketing ideas, mainly proposed 2022 new sports marketing era: new breakthrough and new opportunities.

The second part: Resource recommendation, mainly introduces sports industrial resources with high marketing value in 2022.

The third part: Awards exchange, Tang Tang Sport will launch 2021 Tang Tang Sports Marketing Annual Awards Festival.

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