Can a loss have to change the United States? Breddy may experience the most difficult moment of his career


December 3 (Wen / ESPN BILL BARNWELL Compilation / Love) The loss of a game may not block the pace of the new England Patriots to continue the way, but there is no doubt that this loss still triggered some hidden worries.

Especially when they take the Hao defending group, the Patriots team 4-point Guou Braddy, who was passed by Deshaun Watson, and Tom Brady and his attack. The group still continued to make a sufficient explosive force.

In a game, it has never been meant. At last season, they also lost to the American tiger, Titan or even dolphins, but this time I lost to Texas, and I have made many people in the back of people. If the games above can be understood as “big interest in Jingzhou”, then this time we will hide the roots of a single dynasty.

How about Braddy? What happened to the Patriot team’s offensive group? This is our problem that we almost explored for half a season. Even if you lose this game, you don’t affect the status of the Patriot is still in the United States. The status of the Super Bowl is one of the popularity; but it is determined that the Patriot team is challenging at this time, which is better than the past. All is going to be big. Does the United States have to become a day?

The fourth week has been unable to attack

The patriot team’s opening season’s offensive performance is still unable. The top three games were defeated by the three opponents of 106-17, and Braddy had no difference in the past few years, and the average passed 300 yards, 7 times The array did not be copied. Or is the original formula, or the patriot that we have more familiar with us.

However, from the fourth week, their attacks have changed. After a bad battle with the Bill team, they suddenly appeared. In the fourth week, each of them had only 1.69 points per wave, which is only 24th in the league; and during this period, the one-round dolphin team can get 1.73 points.

When the team’s defensive group can save in a dangerous, the Patriot team can also use a venue to cover the problem of offensive groups. However, when the defensive group is no longer active, the offensive group explodes with an unimaginable state! More importantly, the opponents of these two lost are the direct competitor of the playoffs and the Texas people; and lose gray face.

Braddy has become one of the union efficiency

The same is the fourth week as a node, Braddy’s downturn also became a minor shadow of the Patriot team. Since the fourth week, Braddy’s pass success rate has ranked fourth! Passing the ball propulsion code countdown fourth! Passing the call for the fifth! At this stage, Brradi’s pass data is almost in the Mitchell Trubisky! Although there is empty password number, multiple data seems to be indicating that he is one of the universal efficiency.

Everyone has a low Valley, but Braddy is no exception, but he does seem to be experiencing the most severe trough of career, which is more difficult than him for injury or other difficulties. For example, his career has never experienced a four-year-off guard in the seven-year-old barefielding points, but now he has encountered such a situation.

In fact, when I entered the fourth quarter on the game, we would like to think that the famous super bowl was unveiled three years ago. However, Braddy has not led us to dream back 2016. Breddy’s red area in Braddi is also ill, only 90 points of red zone passed the ranking of the 24th place, and 2 times in the red area, this is the most alliance. It is also known that he has passed 3 red districts during the three years of 2016-2018.

Is this Braddy? This is Brradi that has been in the past 20 years of the United States and the sixth bowl. Yes, at least now, this Braddy in front of the past is the worst Braddy in the past 20 years.

“Hou Gong Times” offensive weapons scarce

Of course, there is also a saying that Braddy’s lack of excellent offensive weapons, cut off Antonio-Brown and Josh-Gordon, whether it is the first round of the Nikil Harry (N?al Harry) and Muhammad Mohamed Sanu is unable to form a strong supplement to Julian – Edelman. More importantly, since the star close-edge Robs – Gronoski retired, the Patriot did not find the way to make up for this defect.

In addition to Edelman and James White, the remaining multiple offensive weapons are a face. Although the coach Bill Billyck and the offensive coordinator McDaniel’s ability, it is obvious that with the increase of Bradi’s age, the Patriot team’s attack routine is gradually poor, they seem to be like past Let the newcomer integrate into the system.

Some people will say, passing the ball is not the road to join! Although the Patriot team has the first round of Sony Michel, he has a good performance last season and also helps the team to hold a super bowl. But this season, his performance cannot help the Patriot team relieve offensive pressure.

The patriot team’s person’s loss of the front line of the season is very serious, and the left cut Trent-Brown joined the raid, the center David – Andrews monte reimburse Time, Braddy and the sharp decline in front lines faced by the running guards are imagined.

Their near-end stroke is extremely mediocre, and their external hand is in the wounded soldiers, and their running guards cannot form a continuous threat, and their offensive front lines are frequent. Breddy is facing a team of unfamiliar offensive groups than the past ten years, and they also want to break, but how much is it left to them?

Does Brradi and Patriots have a chance to have a superbown this season?

Perhaps someone will ask, the Patriot team offensive group is like this, can this season go back to the road? It is not impossible, but this is only limited to some small range of tactical upgrades, and it is impossible to have an earth-shattering tactical change.

If the attack problem has not been solved in a short time, we will also see the future offensive group to hold the “thigh” game. But this does not seem to mean that the Patriot team lost the chance to compete for the super bowl, after all, the patriot and regular season of the playoffs, so many super bowls are not beat. Moreover, even if the attack is not smooth, it is not imaginable to see Braddy’s “Peiton Manning”, perhaps the confidence of the patriots fans.

Indeed, in the last season of Big Manning, his offensive status is very downturn, and it is still injured; but in the end they still rely on the super performance of the defensive group to win the super bowl.

The patriot, Billych, and Breddy standing in standing in the alliance, not because they have any “unbeatable” attack and defense cheats, it is in a failed baptism, they continue to pursue again and again The desire of victory allows them to stick to the present. As for Braddy, it is impossible to say that the fans of this season can deny his competitive state. As a fan, we also hope that he can be able to recruit a Phoenix, and rebirth.