C Ro Luo 2 Ball: Watch the opponent’s coach; So hands will compare him to Jordan, Han Qiansheng: It is recommended to bump one


Champions League, Manchester United, challenge Atlanta. In the case of two levels, C Ronaldia is divided into the door of Manchester United. The 94-minute goal is a flatham in the team, helping Manchester United to take a valuable 1 point.

The significance of this alarm is not only 1 point in Manchester United, and has successfully blocked Atlanta from getting 3 points. Now Manchester United is divided in group second, Atlanta 5, the third – if there is no such order, the third of now is Manchester United.

After an amazing C Luo arrived, he times of india headlines was rated as the best in the audience, and the score website whoscored also gave him the highest score of 8.9 points in the audience (only C-Luo and Yilicic score 8). C Luo’s performance has triggered a hot discussion, opponent, drawing the team coach, explanation, and commentary, the guests have played a fancy and play:

The guests of Manchester United and the main teams in Atlanta are basically in a balance, but the number of radios is 4 times. Among them, C Rona has produced goals.

After this, C-Luo seven times face Atlanta into 6 goals. Two goals in two this season, and a superiority of killing.

After the game, Atlanta chopped Gaspelli smiled slightly when they were interviewed:

“(C Luo) is really a crazy player. Some people say that he is the problem, dragging the team behind.”

“I didn’t see him shot – 10 times a shot? cnn news18 live english There is still 5 times in this 10 shot.”

“Finally, I used it to tell him with him: ‘See ghosts!’ (Of course is a joke)”

After the 2 goals were scored, the number of C Luo came into the ball reached 127, which exceeded the current coach Solskia to take 126 goals in Manchester United.

After the game, there were a reporter asked a very unpleasant problem in Salskia: “Will you exceed you for C Luo?”

Solskia returns: “No, I will not be angry. C Roh is incredible! The last goal, just like the NBA Finals oversees ‘Jordan time’ is the same!”

But at this time, Solskia’s true heart may be: “I am angry? I want to sing and conquer, what is I am angry?”

Ferdandande is in the commentary guest and seeing C Luo’s push-going ball directly jumped. “This is a matter! Alien!” (At this time, Skols is sitting on the chair to remember a woman’s dance, latest news in hindi news18 Emotions are very calm. If you don’t understand this stalk, please go to search for “Skols Lam Dance”)

Messi Name Fan Shekel called C Luo as “one of the greatest terminals in history”, and then plus a “his scouring ability can be with Messi, Baile, Muller and Disi Franno is listed. ”

Domestic solution said that Zhan Jun live broadcast: “(C Luo) Champions League! Manchester United once again succeeded!” The show has also issued Weibo, “The King of Champions League” became the “God of Champions League”.

The most exuberable is Han Joheng, he directly suggests that Salskia gives C Ronal:

“The same man, 4 rounds of group competition, C Luo played 5 goals. After returning to Manchester United, C Luo has become a key gentleman of the team, especially in the Champions League. It is not exaggerated, So handsome to C Luo One is news headlines this week not too much. If it is not a goal of C, Manchester United goes down in the Champions League, and it is impossible. ”

(Solang: In the future, we all said, you call my brother, I call your father … there are many people here, wait back to the locker room brother to give Dad, you, one …)

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