C Luo Chi accompanied the mother to the birth! Georga is lying on the boy, and C Luo is willing to be


C Luo has recently joked, the first hi is that his own treasure knife is still very strong, the second favorite is that the girlfriend Georga is pregnant and twins, there have been 4 children’s Luo President. NS!

C Luo is a big busy person. In order to help the Magic Man jointly achieve better results, he has worked hard every day, and he worked hard as the 20-year-old boy in the team, so now the President of Luo is only Let Georga take care. Now C Ro Ro Son Mini Luo is google newsroom already a 11-year-old child. He inherited his aaj ki ta father’s excellent gene, a high head and a strong football talent, and a small man in his family. This time he also took 3 times. The younger brother sister accompanied by Mom Joymei.

Mini Luo is the boss of the children’s children. This time, he is very filial with your brother sister to go to the hospital. After Mom Georga lies in the check stand, watching a few babies. Now Joe Mie has two babies in C Ro, revealing the mother-like smile in front of the camera.

The mini Luo’s biological mother is always a mystery. During the South African World Cup, there are various guessions when the mini Luo is born. From the skin color of mini Luo, her maternal maternal is likely to come from Africa, and C Luo is accepting When I interviewed that he would tell his mother who is waiting until the child dd sahyadri app grows up! On the two bars in Georgina, C Luo latest news delhi aaj tak in hindi will have 6 children, but they have 3 mothers, such things are also a fetish.

Georga is a qualified mother. She treats the children very friendly, especially for mini Luo Wei, the mother and child feel good, this is also the important reason for C Luo can sprint in the stadium!

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