Brown Yellow beasts release tactical restrictions are about to go out, NFL quarter, please tremble


Mailes Garrett is preparing to enter the third season of personal career. After the injury of the new show, the former NFL champion finally filled 16 regular seasons in the 2018 season. This talented young man is like a field of beasts, volatilized on the court, and proves its own strength.

Last season, Miles-Galt won 44 times, 13.5 times of killing 3 manufacturing, and excellent performance made it in a full star professional bowl. In the 2019 season, it will be a season of Galret a bigger breakthrough, and this young man is convinced of this. After the pre-defenders of Cleveland Brown, after the Gray Williams hop, Miles Grett was quietly changing. For him, these changes can be simply described as: “more freedom.”

“I hope to be more free to play on the court, so that I can make me play more strength, becoming a better player.” Galt said in an interview with Brown report, “Greg-Williams defensive concept probably Yes: ‘I just want to see you in these two ways, I don’t want to see other movements. I only use two routines to play. We should not always be so monotonous. “

Last season, Greg Williams once served as the temporary coach of Cleveland Brown. After the season, Williams joined the New York jet as a defensive coordinator. From the discourse of Galt, we are not difficult to see that Williams’ defense concept is likely to limit the player’s play.

“You can make as powerful, rapid, but just relying solely on physical strength and speed, you don’t apply. You have to combine your skills throughout, sometimes you have to use a small broken step, sometimes you can let go of the outside to kill You have to have more patterns and use different techniques to play. However, it is difficult for us to have such freedom. “

But under this limit, Miles Grett still increased from 7 of the 2017 season to 13.5 killing in the 2018 season. Imagine that if Galt got more freedom, the four-dimensional soldiers opposite them will face the desperate situation. Recently, Galt did not only practice in the gym, but he also participated in a training camp for the former UFC heavyweight champion Mio Xiqi to learn new skills.