Brown apologizes to NFL: It is my fault, I am a problem, but my brain has no disease.


February 2 (Wen / ESPN Compilation / White) Local Time February 1st, Antonio Brown reveals a series of mistakes that he has made inside and outside the racket in the past year. In an interview with ESPN reporters, the front NFL star entry is self-blaming for many issues such as the NFL bench since September.

“I think I should make my behavior, apologize to NFL.” Brown said: “I think I can do better, but I am doing it.” Just two days ago, the League President Roger – Goodel Roger Goodell, said that the entire alliance is most concerned about Brown’s mental health, not the possibility of returning to the alliance. January this year, Brown was arrested and was arrested with the following crime: the burglary, theft of unmanned vehicles. In addition, he still shouted his wife and insulted his wife at home, even for the police.

“I am very happy that I can hear some positive news after 140 days, because now I have already depicted into a NFL’s spawn tumor.” Brown said: “I am really a problem with a problem, I have trouble, Some negative views on themselves. “

Goodel received an interview in a few days ago: “We want to help him go on the right track, let him get some help in life. We have confidence to do this, we are also working hard. From Our point of view, this is the first step, do our best to help Antonio. “When Brown was asked to believe in GuDel, he replied:” If I let me see the actual action, I will believe him. ” Then, the reporter asked whether Brown really needs psychotherapy, Brown supplements: “We all have a mental help.”

Brown has played a nine seasons in Pittsburgh, and is one of the strongest external connections in NFL. Before the 2019 season, it was traded to the Auckland raid, but because some field factors, Brown was cut before the beginning of the regular season. Subsequently, Brown signed with the new England patriots, but after a few days of working in Foxburg, Brown has been in front of his pre-female coach Britney-Taylor’s sexual assault, accused Brown’s three times in 2017 and 2018 Implementation of sexual assault. Shortly after this, another female standing came out to accuse Brown sexual assault, and Brown even made a threat of text messages to this victim to give this victim, and the patriots couldn’t bear it. From then on, she bid farewell to NFL.

31-year-old Brown denied the two allegations and said: “I can’t post a comment on these things, the court will return me a fair.” Later, he added himself and innocent, saying that he has become now ” The target of the sexual assassination, “seems to all of the women who have been dyed with him, I want to turn it, and the heat is smashed.

“I think I have never had a conflict with any woman.” Brown said: “But I have become a target now, everyone comes to oppose me, saying that I do this, and I can only face it. I don’t have any support, there is no plan, I don’t know what to do. Anyone can come to me, but I can’t get anything strong evidence. Women tell me, men now come now. “

“The media followed by hotspot, even if I didn’t sin, they also put me more and no evil, their text is too powerful. I got a TV, all the people met me. So I am here, sit here Listening to another allegation of me, this is very unfair to me. “

At the same time, NFL will continue to investigate Brown’s allegations. Brown said that he has been dragging his case. “That’s the case, you find some cases with other cases, I find that other cases have been dealt with. And now there are more and more cases, tomorrow is a super bowl.”

Some people think that Brown’s brain is broken, worried that she suffers from chronic traumatic brain disease, which is a brain disease that has caused collision of brains. Because in a playoffs in 2016, Brown was almost unpaired by Cincinnati, and the universities of Vents – Bakeke special collision. “No,” Brown said: “If the brain is really sick, I will not play beautiful football on the court, there are those creativity. The hit is a little meaning for me, you saw it, I got up and left the stadium, and we won the game. Nothing, for the player, the football is long, who doesn’t touch it? “