Braddy is a Call Rolls-Royce Strenom Smoke for Aston Martin.


The new England Patriots quartz, Nai Tha-Braddy and a well-known luxury car brand Aston Martin’s gaps seem to have been filled, especially in Braddy’s new concept car who has just released from Aston Martin. After some, both sides have already returned to a good relationship.

Two weeks ago, Breddy was taken from Los Royce SUV (Curia) from Los Angeles to Maribu Beach. At that time, he and his wife Bang Chen were in vacation. The two returned to California to enjoy the pleasure of the sun beach; however, the mood of such relaxing made Braddy forgot him with Aston Martin’s contractual contract. As a luxury car brand, Rolls Royce and Aston Martin are in a multi-faceted direct competitive relationship; their spokesperson ran to the products of driving competitors, which has no doubt to Aston Martin Influence.

Although this may be a negligence in Braddy, and Aston Martin has not expanded. However, both parties still need an opportunity to break ice. A few days ago, Aston Martin launched their new concept car in Geneva, Switzerland, gave the opportunity of Braddy. “The Aston Martin Lagonda team has made a head in Geneva,” wrote, “I need a bigger garage …”. It is very important to the praise of the Aston Martin’s new concept car, and only the word does not turn to Rally, which is obviously a good behavior for Braddy.

On the one hand, Brradi’s statement is to express a good feeling to Aston, on the other hand, it is also true for this car. According to reports, the concept of concept cars called AM-RB003 is very crazy, which is a carbon fiber beast that is purely boosting speed. See here, is some fans think I also hope to start? Wash and sleep, it is reported that the output of this car is very limited, and almost all is reserved for super rich and famous people, such as Tom Braddy.

It turns out that whether it is in the stadium or in the mall, Braddy is the last person!