Bene: After Molant injury, we need united unite.


Beijing time November 29th news NBA regular season, Grizzlies 128-101 victory of the king.After the game, Grizzlies players Destmond Bene accepted an interview.

When talking to this game, Bain said: “This is a very important victory, we unite, play good. We coincidely, this is the force of the team. After Molant injury, we are moreNeed to unite together, as a whole is playing. “

When I talked about my performance tonight, Bain said: “I played aggressive.”

This game, Bain played 26 minutes and 25 seconds, 12 shots 7, three points 7 in 4, get 18 points 5 rebounds 2 assists 1 cover, the positive and negative value + 30 is the highest.

Morant will absent a few weeks. There is no clear schedule.related news: