Beijing time on September 12th, 8:10, Melon East Tampa Bay ram team Challenge the Miranesee Texas Tour Cavalry, which is the 2nd game of the two parties in the competition. Will live a live video on this game, welcome fans to watch:[Battle Review]Tampa Bay ram team protrudes this season, keeping the posture of grabbing the playoffs and is currently the first place in the United States. Before this series, winning 5 games included 4 flipped Toronto Blue Birds, winning 10 games in the previous 11 games.In this 11 game, the bull shed of the ray is more than the first place, and the 58 bureau and 42 bureau), only one of the game’s leaders have got the winning investment, cowshed The record is 9 wins and 1 defeat, and the self-sharing rate is 2.48.Since the ten seasons since 2010 (2000-2019), the record of Tampawan’s ray team is the sixth strong, 850 wins and 754 negative (.530 winning rate), and the previous decade (2000-2009) ), The record of the radiance is the 28th, 694 wins and 923 negative (.429 win).The Texas Touring Cavalry in the Melaiese West, although I have swept the Baltimore Morgourity, but the current situation is currently the third place in the United States, and I have been destined to play the playoffs.[Game points]The performance of the rays has been very steady this season. The first game of this series is the first game, the performance of Len Yabo is very good. I vote for 7-game 7-vibrates only lost 3 points, but not only the number of times is too long, but also guaranteed quality First, but strong and more strong hands, the Texas Tour Cavalry’s First Punmer Lans-Lin Vincen 7th Bureau 7 Senang is only 1 point, but the tour cavalry is replaced by the cow shed Raffier Monte After Luo, he was immediately chased. The radiance finally won 2 points in the 11th Bureau of the Extension Bureau.Before this series, the tournament can only reach the five-year winning rate. This season, the game cavalry has 63 hidden rates, this season is only the snake team has more days in the same number of days, and the number of days is close to the 50% win. (95 sky).https://www.mlbdrakterno.comAlthough the tour soldiers have been out of the game, they still want to keep more than 50% of the winning rate, so they do not live up to the expectations of the fans, and they don’t want the season to be retended. Can the Run a stream of stunning strokes in the second place to strengthen their own external card status? Is it intertwined to the 64th aid rate of the visit?[First, Pitcher]Tampa Bay’s ray first pitcher: Osts – Pluoyt (2-0, self-blade rate 4.43, three vibration 37 times, pay 10 times)Texas Tour Cavalry First Pointer: Albeier Hrad (7-10, self-blade Rate 5.40, three vibration 78 times, 34 times)[Focus Star]Before this series, in the 8th game in September, Tampa Bay’s Ramada’s hit rate was shocking. 536 (15) and 4 strokes, 9 points and 10 points score. The 24-year-old Mitos has hit 28


strokes, the only shot of the rays of the team, the Supreme player who hits more home base in a single season is Ivan – Londoria in 2009. The 1st game of this series is that Midos is in the uppermost bureau, from the tour army truncation pitcher Montero hand, 2 points, the game will be flattened.