Beckhag Brown into the United Association Dried NFL Fish Team Impact Partition Championship


Today, a sensation of the big things in the North American sports world, rugby super superstars, the most talented NFL external work – Little Odel Beckham is traded by New York Giants to the Cleveland Brown. In this case, a stone aroused a thousand waves, which mounted on the headlines of major North American sports media, and the small shellfish offers Klveland Brown has admitted to the focus of the streets and lanes. When people think that when the Cleveland Brown team gets Little Odel Beckham, this long-year salted fish can finally turn over, becoming a team with strength to impact the Meidian partition champion.

I don’t think that when Brown is more than such a piece of external connections that can stably contribute thousands each season, this team’s offense will be sublimated. From the current book of Brown, they have faded the outer surface of the fish, which became a galaxy. In fact, there are also rumors, and the star safety Wei Er-Thomas has become Brown’s next goal. It can be said that there is only one purpose of Brown in this course, that is, it is the crown of the United States.

In the current Meiyi North District, Cleveland Brand’s book strength has become a unique existence. In the previous break, Brown also introduced Karim Hunter’s wild beast-like runoff. In Brown’s offensive group, four-point Baik-Mefield has proved its own level in the rookie season, and his connection with Beckham will inevitably become a non-blocking connection, and Beckham and Javis-Lan Delhi’s external handle combination can make a lot of magical for Brown.

Last season, Brown played a new young player played a 7-win-1 flat 8 losses, including defeating the partition champion crow, moving flat Pittsburgh steel people. But Brown is not satisfied, they continue to work, rub the palm in the player market, try to continue recruiting elite players, there is a rumor to pass the star safety Wei Er – Thomas is Brown’s next goal. And the two strong teams in the United States – Baltimore and Pittsburgh steel people, the crow loses Zadarus-Smith, CJ-Mosley, etc., the defensive group was seriously lost, although the crow has not yet Show too many actions, but the current personnel vacancies or difficult to fill; Pittsburgh steel people are more tragic, Antonio-Brown’s leave only exchange two middle and low-speed draft selection rights plus a player, but will join us The New York Jet Levian – Bell is not used, the steel man is equivalent to the two super stars, and the steel man is caught in the past years.

The two major competitors in the United States of America have lost the generals, while Brown brought back the super stars like Beckham, the form of the United States in the United States is different. Although the Brown team has paid a small price, but after Bai Bai, Brown’s war has a qualitative leap. A young quarter-off, a top outer junction, a strong running guard combination, do you remember the appearance of the seasils last day? Today, Brown seems to have created such a strong offensive lineup.

In this course, the defending champion new England patriots lost a lot, players, coaches were digged, and they were almost differential. A few teams in the offset period – jet, and the raid may also have the opportunity to become a Miao-coupled. However, the jet may still be in the US Eastern District, and the patriot is pressureless; and the raid people have introduced elite players such as Brown, Flals, but Qiong En-Groad can make effective changes We are still unknown. Throughout the United States of America, the team that can match the strength of Brown Paper is not only the chief, and there are several lightning.

In the past two years, the Cleveland Brown team has repeatedly made a big event in the draft conference and the player market, and the team has a change in the earth. If Brown can eventually introduce all the favorite players, and completely play the strength of this set of strength, then this team will inevitably lock a seating seat, and even like a superb bowl like a ram, the chief of the emirate. Powerful competitors.