be oneself! The wild horse quartz, Fragra, doesn’t care about the outside world.


October 25 (Wen / ESPN JEFF LEGWOLD Compilation / Love) After 11 years after Baltimore, Joe FLACCO came to Denver Mangma team in the 12th season of personal career. . Then, a strange debate came, he ordered very calm under pressure, facing the crisis is not in a hurry; either in the offensive, you can’t get the offensive of the water. People can’t help but ask, behind his constant expression, what happened?

“That is Joe-Vlaco,” VIC Fangio “said,” Just as I said before, when everything goes well, people will say that he is cool; when the situation changes When you have bad, people will say that he is not tough enough. About his dispute will not stop this, it is estimated that he will accompany his career. “

This season, the wild horse is open with 2 wins and 5, including the fiasco of last week, to the Emirates, and the game Verk was killed 8 times. Now, Vlaco has joined the “Wild Horse Fast Quartz Club”, this “club” plagues every wild horse except John Elway and Pedon Manning Team quartz.

Frachan, he will not listen to the broadcast show, nor browsing social media; he said, if he did this, he will find that he has never heard of his intense discussion. In fact, as long as you enter “Fraco” and “elite quadruposis” in the search engine, you will see an extremely chaotic discussion situation.

“I really didn’t pay attention to my own expression.” The former super bowl MVP said, “I am me, many other factors can’t affected me. If you don’t like these, you hate it; if you like, It is very cool. “

“Sometimes I am in the court, I didn’t really understand what kind of player. I just do my best to win the game, do the right thing on the court, let the teammates can respect me, trust me, treat me as A reliable leader, these are very important. Some quarters will shout, refer to point points; indeed, some people want you to do this, then let you look like a leader; but sorry, then Not my character, I think that is not my handling method. “

At the beginning of this year, the wild horse traded Vlaco from the crow team, because General Manager Elwi believed that the 34-year-old Vlaco can lead the team to go out, he believes that Vlaco can perform it with the team, and he ” Positive value is peak. But things are willing to violate, and the wild horse’s attack is still very bad. In the past three games, they only completed 6 times; the whole season, they only had more than 16 points in two games.

The bad offensive front line protection makes Vlaco often faces killing, currently Jameis Winston, Marcus Mariota and Andy Dalton The number of times to eat is more than Flako. There is a shortage problem in the left and right sides, and the strikes have caused the wild horse to provide a clean pocket for Vlaco; because in 23 tricks, more than half of the killing occurs in 3 seconds or more This is obviously not because the quarter satellite time is too long.

In addition, the problem of offensive groups is not only a sharp line. “We must better protect the quarterfield, we must open the situation, we must read better, we must pass the ball out more quickly.” The coach Fan Gio said, “We designed faster pass, The maximum protection is designed, allowing quarterfield to complete his work; but actually players need to perform these tasks more well. “

Fraco’s four-point satellore-Akman’s four-point satellite-Akman is refuted against his own speech. “Believe me, if my brother sees Akman in the bar, they will not agree to these sayings.” Vlaco said, “This will definitely let them fire, no doubt, but I will not too Moreover. Some media like to make a title party, get a highly high title, but I don’t care what they have said. For me, I only carefully get victims in the right way, not just quadrant Performance; you must realize that this is a team. “

Regardless of the pre-seven games, no matter whether the team will start the two rounds of new Xiru Rock, it is certain that Vlaco and his story will continue to write, and he will continue to become a fans. The focus of the debate.