Bang Chen is really god! Mysterious holy aquatic necklace helps Bakedi to win super bowls


Tom Braddy is the NFL’s unidentio, 41 years old, defeated the Los Angeles ram at 13-3 in the 53rd Super Bowl competition in early February, and got the sixth super bowl title. As we all know, Braddy maintains a lot of physical conditions, including flexibility training, yoga, only vegetarian, elderly, etc., but these are just part of it. In the recent interview, Braddy said that there is still a mysterious power that supports himself.

According to Brady pro, it is possible to make himself another victory. He insists that the important factor for one year is the wife Jichell – Bangchen, accurately said that Bang Chen will make him do some before the game. Help the prayer ceremony of the god. In the past few days after the end of the super bowl, Braddy revealed what he did.

First of all, Braddy said that his wife would “build a holy altar” in the game: “For these years, I have benefited from my wife’s body.” Braddy said: “Ji Siel said very much. And I believe some things in the midst of the midst of the game. In fact, she likes to do it very much. The so-called ‘holy altar’ is what I will take the child and some other things. Put it inside. “

Braddy is the father of three children, so it is not surprising that the photos taken with children. However, Braddy and wife Bangchen did use these photos to do something incredible with these photos before the game. These things may allow Braddi to become NFL attacks, and there is a quarter-free killing god, but for other players in the Alliance, they may have some things that Braddy can’t accept.

“I still have some special small stones, they are protecting me uncomfortable and rehabilitation, Jissear will also put a special necklace, drop the ‘holy water” prepared by me, then in the mouth Read some spells. “See this, maybe a fan thinks that this is too much? Don’t be surprised, Braddy has also held the same view with you at first.

“At the beginning, I think this is too much.” Braddy said: “Then it was about four years ago, we played the West Yatu Eagle (Super Bowl). Ji Sier said ‘You’d better listen to me, this is you One year, but if you want to win, you will make you do it, ‘I listen to my wife, do all the things she arranged. My God, do you know what happened? It’s true Xingling! “

The new England Patriots defeated the Seattle Eagle in the 49th Super Bowl, and the Haiying team could have stabilized the patrigules through Ma Shaen, Lynch, but there was a famous “code line. Copy “, the copy is also a miracle. “Since happening there, I am old to listen to her, I don’t say anything, I will listen to Ji Sier.”

Obviously, Jichell-Bonchen has a prophetic future ability, not only telling Breddy’s one year in 2014, but also predicted that the patriot will not marry the 2015 super bowl. “At the beginning of January 2015, Jessier said to me ‘Do you know how much I love you?’ I said ‘I certainly know, dear.’ She said, ‘I didn’t fight you, dear, but in 2015 Not belonging to you. “Braddy said:” This is really sure, and then we lost (the Meet finals did not enemies Pedon-Manning led Denver wild horse). I asked the 2016? ‘ Saier said ‘2016 you will succeed. “

In the 2016 season, the patriot was in the 51st super bowl, and the team defeated Atlantan Falcon at 3-28 in the case of 3-28, which is the most incredible competition in the history of football, Braddy After this war, I was also pushed into the altar, and since then, the first person of the first person of the historion. Behind these glory, in fact, Jessier-Bangchen has long been seen throughout this.

“At the beginning of January this year, I said ‘baby, have we have the opportunity to win (Super Bowl)?” Braddy said: “Ji Sier replied” of course, but this time I may do more work, you have to listen Mine. “” So, folk, I certainly have to listen to her! “

When the patriots defeated the ram in the super bowl, Bangchen made Brady knew that he not only married the most beautiful and most seremished women in the world, but also brought a “witch” back home. “After the game, Jessier said ‘, I really have done a lot of work.’ I said, ‘You are doing you, I am doing it on the court.” Braddy said: “My The wife said at the time, ‘I know,’ I know, dear, you are really lucky, you marry a witch, still a good witch! “

It turns out that the competition in the football court is not only the ball and tactics, and “witch” like Bangchen is also showing black magic. This story is that the revelation of the NFL player is that if you want to succeed in NFL, then find a “good witch” and marry her. Now, Braddy and Bangchen are enjoying a break, sunshine, beach, surf, palm trees, and traditional projects – abused dogs …