Allaba and Bayern’s negotiations, money or just surface reasons, some messages make people taste


Allaba and Bayern’s negotiations, there is no secret in the football. This is a multi-faced hand of Bayern for many years. When I renew negotiation, I reported a quote of the annual salary of 20 million euros for my old india new today east. This made the “South Dawang” high-rise quite difficult, directly leading to a deadlock in the negotiation. It is worth mentioning that there is a German media even broke the news. Bayern is very dissatisfied with the quotation of Allaba, which has lost his patience, and even asked Arabic agent to live in? The world knows what you are saying.

When negotiation progresses to this step, many Bayern fans are not optimistic about Araba will continue to stay. After all, anyone understands how exaggerated new news in Allaba, is that it is a salary structure that is now today, even if it is in the horizontal contrast in the football, Allaba is also extremely outrageous. You know, even if it is a battle, such as Ramos, strength is stronger as Van Dick, but also can’t take less than 20 million euros. With the fineness of the Bayern high-level, there is almost no such free renewal contract to Allaba.

At the same time, other clubs have their own salary systems and will not break. Sanchez spread the Mannea, the first india news online today trick of the Xove Belle joined the pony, plus the negative impact of the epidemic, it is difficult to imagine which club is willing to satisfy Allaba’s requirements. In other words, the lattice players get the probability of 20 million euro-salary contracts regardless of whether Alaba will continue to stay in the contract. Then the problem is coming. This kind of reasoning of the ordinary fans understand, is Arabi and his brokers in the Warring War I don’t understand? The answer is obviously negative.

We biggest news stories of 2019 india may get such a conclusion: Araba and Bayern’s negotiations, money or just surface reasons. The Bayern star real purpose, perhaps only to scare the worship of Bayern with the lion’s big opening, forced your east to put it from the team. You know, there is no unhealthy wall this world. During this time, some news makes people taste:

First of all, it is a rumor in the transfer market. In rumors, multiple teams including Barcelona, ??Saint-Germain, Manchester City have been in contact with Alba. “Daily Sports” gave this news: Araba contained Barcelona, ??and expressed his desire to go to the Noukamu Stadium. If the Olida State will abandon the high salary requirements, the player’s father has communicated with Barcelona. .

Second, the Appala team is strange. According to the news of “Picture”, Alaba’s team did not promote the renewal of Bayern. They feel that this is Araba is not performed by the team’s high level. At the same time, Arabic teams still don’t agree with Bayern’s open source and thrilling strategies, they insist that Araba does not spend the team’s transfer fee, so he should get a higher salary.

The key to the problem is that as long as it is clear, it is very clear that the high level of Bayern is not willing to promote renewal negotiations. It is true that Arab’s requirements are not satisfied, and blame the problem on the head of Bayern, and therefore anger, This is undoubtedly not logical; in addition, Alban does not spend the team’s transfer fee. It can take higher salary, in fact, it is not very in line with the mainstream values ??- the attitude of Alaba team, and it is said to be high-level with Bayern Rational communication, proposing its own reasonable appeal, is worse than being defined as “Hu Shutdown”, which is obviously no sincerity.

Finally, Roumeneg has also pointed out of the problem of Araba. The old man who saw the wide-knowledge clearly said: “It is important that Araba is going to comply with the inner decision. Does Araba want to accept a new challenge? If so, we have to understand this.” – In addition to the words of Roumeneg, what you want to express is nothing more than: We can understand the idea of ??Allaba wants to transfer. If there is no certain basis, how can Roumenig make such a statement?

In summary, the Alaba team has no sincerity in negotiations with Bayern’s renewal, not only in the salary lion, the logic is equally a mess, which is clearly not summarized. Behind this negative stalemate, some messages make people play, but more like Alaba has already got out of the team, deliberately set obstacles to Bayern when I transferred negotiations.

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