After the European appears, then update the social media! Nets want to send you away, not anxious?


Recently, Kaili Owen appeared in the university league, watching the University of Sitonia, the emergence of Owen attracted the audience. It seems that the popularity of the European is still very high.

After Owen appeared, New York reporter Ian Begley was published online:

As of the end of last month (November), Brooklyn is still open to discussing the trading scheme that contains Kay – Owen.

Subsequently, the famous reporter Shams also followed this in a program, Shams said:

“Owen is also a far distance from vaccination, so he will not play game unless he is traded to other teams, but he will not play games. However, there is no team really willing to discuss the trading of Owen that is already a contract. “

Ok, from all aspects of reports and the current situation of Owen, this guy did not return.

Hey, what is said, wherever you go, just don’t return it back, don’t consider Dulans, Durant.

Owen can vocal so many people, so many people shout, how can I not think about Cai Boss, General Manager Max, Adu, Harden? KD, you call it!

Although the Nets is currently the first in the east, everyone knows that if Durant is really playing for 48 minutes,
Harden is more than 40 minutes, and the injury risk of both of them will greatly increase.

Although KD has disclosed that he wants to play, but this is a regular season, the real console is in the playoffs. The goal of the Net Net is the championship, not the first east of the regular season!

I remember in the game of the Net, the broadcast party specially released the score of the front of the basket, and everyone can obviously see, a little bit of team, the basket is not win.

The basket urgently needs to be except Durant, Harden’s fire output, although Mills and Ade can be top, but the long season has just begun, the Nets need fresh blood!

Ou Wen accounts for more than 30 million salary space, and it is not as good as early as possible!

But no matter what others say, Owen is still my line, nearby, Owen updates the social media, this time he is not a tribe photo, but some about racial problems, the specific:

1. This photo was taken in 1956, the location is South Africa Johannesburg, the sign card in the figure is: “Being Cenlic Local”. The purpose is to remind whites to be careful about local non-white;

2, this picture reflects the period of slave plantation during 1619-1865.

3, this photo does not find information, you leaders, let’s guess what does this mean?

Thank you for reading, I wish you a bright eye ~