82 + 20 + 15! Russell conquer Beverly, Entbad into NBA new pet, 76 people need Simmons


76 people have lost Simmons, the team’s defensive quality is declining, although Simmons can’t help the 76 offensive ends, but the defense level is still obvious. 76 people always greeted the return today, and it is necessary to usher in the first victory of the forest wolf. The 76 people who played the game met the forest wolves https://www.nbatrikots4.com that came to challenge, and the two teams lost to their respective opponents. The forest wolf currently ranked 10th in the west of the surcharge. 76 people also dropped to the 9th place in eastern part, with the forest wolf belong to the brothers.

On Toval, I will help the forest wolf to help the forest wolf, and the 76 people can feel the cold, and they can only rely on killing free throws. The end of the forest wolf also played a small garden to 15 points. The 76 people finally found the outside hand. 8-0 is close to the score, but the forest wolf will spend more and save up, and the end of the forest wolf is still 15 points. In the third quarter, the forest wolf will pull the division to more than 20 points, but then you will collapse in the offensive end, and the small beds will join hands to do three points in the https://www.maillotsbasketnbafr.com outside, and the Biddong also contributed in the inner line. 76 People chasing only 2 points, and the end of the lassier continuous external guns help the forest wolves re-exploit the difference, but Entbide can help 76 people to bite the score, the suspense is always reserved until the last , Enabud and Harris key two penalties have lost the opportunity, and the two sides entered the overtime.

The overtime, less than the last day, the T4 of the graduation, Enshid is on the inner line to make the forest wolf have no way, but the big three points in Rusher’s heart, Maxi deliberate free throws, Dramund After the reticle is equal, the score is equalized, and the two sides entered the second plus time. The second increase, Russel first hits three points, but McDaniels and Van der Birlt have made En Bodes unpubated in the inner https://www.basketballtrikotde.com
line, but 76 people’s key mistakes make Prince back to the backpack Entbord kills the shot, the final forest wolf double plus time to win 76 people.

76 people, Entbord 42 points 14 board, Harris 17 points 9 boards 4 help, Turi 14 points 3 plates, Maxi 15 points 4 boards, Niome 6 points, Green 11 points 3 plates 4 broken, Cork Maz 7 points. Forest wolf, Russell 35 points, 4 plates 8 help 2 broken 2 caps, T48 points 10 boards, Edwards 19 points 6 plates 7 help 3 break, the forest wolf three core players have contributed 82 points and 20 rebounds 15 assists Comprehensive data. Naz – Riddad 15 points 5 panels, Van De Bart 5 points 14 boards.

The performance of the forest wolf is impeccable, especially the performance of the core control Wei Rassel, and he repeatedly hit the key goal of saving the forest wolf repeatedly https://www.maillotbasket6.com in the crucial moments of the game. It is hard to use a word. And also sent a fatal steal in the second time, assists in lover. Although Edwards is generally speaking, the only fourth quarter is still a three-pointer worth the city. The Lakers will have a boutique, and the forest wolf can further expect Russel performance. After the game, Beverly was written on social media: “Russel is really tough.” Racel today’s performance is completely conquered by Team Friends Beverly.

On the other side of the 76 people, Entbide received a total of 21 free throws. It is a new favorite of the NBA Alliance and the referee. It is necessary to know that the number of free throws in the Wolf Wolf is only 16 times. However, Enabad lacks Simmons as with self-discourse martial arts, and no one can replace it. The explosive output of the https://www.maillotsbasketfr.com forest wolf three core is sufficient to prove how poor poor defense of 76 people. Recalling the Word Wolf Warrior, Cole restricted Russell and Downs, only 35 points, put Edwards burst career new high 48 points, Warriors win the ball; Lakers let Laceral and Toss mad cut 51 points, Edward is 9 points, and the team lost 24 points. So there is no doubt that there is no Smeius defense, and 76 people cannot restrict any player in these three people. If it is not 21 free throws, the game has decided out the victory in Section 4.