2021 Golden Ball Award, why Messi is worthy of the award


There is no doubt that Messi is one of the greatest players in history.

For more than a decade, Messi has been dominating in the # 金球 奖 # Awards ceremony, and he is likely to win the award again this year.

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In the 2020/21 season, Messi has excellent performance in Barcelona and Argentina. In Barcelona, ??Messi played the role of the offensive current update today midfielder, the individual’s goal and assists data perfect, the only regret is Barcelona lacking the championship trophy.

Messi served as the captain of Barcelona in Barcelona, ??Argentine represents Barcelona playing 47 games in all competitions, scratched 38 goals and 14 assists, he basically is this absolutely poor Barcelona team. The only driving force behind it. Still won a King Cup champion in this season.

In addition, in the Argentine national some news team, Messi also welcomed a breakthrough moment. In the 2021 US Cup, Messi finally led this Argentina to stand on the championship, and the personal performance of Barcelona’s legend is also perfect.

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With 4 progressive balls and 5 assists in the game, Messi led the Argentina team to overcome the powerful South American opponent. Messi has also become the most players in this Asian Cup goon, and becomes the MVP of this American Cup.

Messi’s victory in the Americas Cup this year can be said to be one of his greatest achievements so far, which helped him become a leader of the Golden Globe Competition.

2021 Golden Games, Messi is facing the competition of Lawanoski, Ji Nio and Benzema, but Messi is relatively g9oogle news balanced in personal data and team awards. He is very chance to get the seventh golden game of your career.

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