2020 China Golden Globe Award winner Wu Wei: professional players must go all out



Xinhua News Agency, January 18th (Reporter Zhao Jiantong, Wang Chi) 17th, 2020 China Golden Globe Awards Selection Results, Wu Wei defeated Wei Shihao and Wun Lei, two consecutive China Golden Globe Award, Won 2020 China Golden Globe Award .

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In the past 2020 is a difficult year, it is also very hard for football players. From the end of July, Sun Ning was over the end of December, and Jiangsu Suning broke into the finals in two events, and historically won the 2020 season. As the captain of Jiangsu Suning Team, Wu Wei played stable excellent in the past season.

After the results of the 2020 China Golden Games selection, “Wu Wei won the Golden Ball Award” message page, netizen comments are “real-time” four z business news words.

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Wu Hao said that the Chinese Golden Term of China is a must for many years of stability, thank you very much for your favorite.

When talking about the closed-style stage of the Super League, Wu Hao said: “I think the matching system is fair to everyone. We will summarize the previous e lokmat news paper experience, and strive to make the closed training game that may come again. Better.”

After the players have been short-term adjusted during the intermittent period, the players will usher in the preparation of the new season.

Wu Hao said that as a professional player, it is to win the victory of every game. If you can play well in each game, you will be more close to the champion. Every khar news game in the new season needs to go all out.

In the past year, due to the extension of the world, the news of the national football message is not too much. From the beginning of 2020, the training of Guangzhou, Dubai, and in May, in Shanghai, in October, in October in the Super League intermittently Training, as a national team, the old will, Wu Wei talk about the impression of the national team of the national team in training, mentioning the most words “strict”.

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Wu Yu recognizes the strictness of Li Tie. “Li Guidian is more meticulous to training, and the quality of each training class is his most concerned, that is, everyone must go all out.”

On July 28, 2011, it was the first show of Wu Yi’s national team. In the Brazil World Cup qualifier, Wu Yu helped Deng Zhuoxiang to break the door, helping the national football 6: 1 defeat Laos. This year, Wu Wei is about to usher in his 10th anniversary of the national team.

When talking about the role and role in the national team, Wu Hao said that he hopes to be able to influence some young players in the national team through their usual training. “Only the training of usually crash, you can kick the game and kick the game.”

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