"Tang Ping Cup" The 19th Shanghai Lawyer Football League is hot


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On the morning of aaj tak khabar video October 31, the 2021 “Tang Ping”, hosted by the Shanghai Lawyers Association, the 2021 “Tang Ping”, the Ninth Shanghai Lawyer cnn news online Football League, the Ninth Shanghai Law Focus, is held in the SAIC Pudong Football Place.

Zhu Linhai, Vice President of the Shanghai Law Associety, encouraged participants, “Fair style, competition, and enjoy the game”. As a result of the athlete’s representative, the Shanghai Daozong Law Firm was sworn in the competition. The opening ceremony also arranged a wonderful flower-based football performance.

The 200th Football League has 20 teams from the Shanghai lawyer community to participate, nearly 340 participants and coaches. The entire event will be divided into two phases in the group match and the knockout. In the first phase of the event, four groups were conducted, a total of 40 games, and the group was produced after the competition. The elimination will begin on December 4th, with cross-derivation form, and khabar news18 held the finals on December 18th to decide the final champion team. All teams will launch a strong impact toward the Championship Trophy of “Tang Ping” in the next two months!

Zhou Linhai, Vice President Zhou Ziyun, director of the Shanghai Daozong Law Firm, kicking the ball for this event. 2021 “Tang Ping” The 19th Shanghai Lawyer Football League officially kicked off.

The first competition day


5: 1

Jun Yue MHP

Best Player: Taoism No. 18 Ren Jun


2: 0

Policy team

Best Player: Yingke Team No. 10 Zhang Chen

Bang Xinyang Zhongjian Zhonghui

0: 0

Jingshi team

Best Player: Beijing Master Team No. 23 He Xiaogang

Jin Cheng Tongda team

0: 2

Huawei Friends

Best Player: Wali Friendship Team Wei Jianping

Jin Tiancheng team

4: 0

Dacheng Shanghai team

Best Player: Jintian today news in tamil tv channels City No. 14 Ren Hao

Gold hoop

1: 2

Round dream team

Best Player: Circular Dreams 72 Yao Jialei

Jing Gulin team announcement today

0: 4

Huangpu Law Firm

Best Players: Huangpu Law Firm No. 18 Fan Wei

R & T Lawyers

1: 0

Brother team with wind and waves

Best Player: R & T Lawyers16

First round area and shooter list

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Original title: “Tang Ping Cup” The 19th Shanghai Lawyer Football League is hot. ”

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