"Football Team" 02: The sun is born for the big air wing


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Kwai Xinwu is considered to “only a person who is only good at juggling”, and it will rise. I originally came to the Yaping Ning peninsula exercise, but gradually lost in this artifact.

Kwai Xinwu recalls a certain friendship in the second year. His Zhongyuan Middle School football team, the South Ge Middle School football team that has been led by the big air wing of the first three …

The strength of Central Plains Middle School may not be compared to national champion South Ge. Kwai Xinshi is topped in front of the front line, and other players are all right behind. However, even if this is the end, the Central Plains Middle School is still 5 goals and 1 goal is not in, the new land, and even the ball did not encounter.

The mysterium in the Zhongyuan Middle School is low, holding “can be very happy with South Great War”. Well-strongest a strong sunwise newwood did not give up, he wanted to win.

Teammates couldn’t pass the ball to Xinwei, and he decided to grab himself. He returned to the midfield to force him to force the tactics. Maybe since this time, he laid the technical style of his “all-round midfield”.Cristiano Ronaldo Jersey

The seniors in the team were dissatisfied with the Known of Kwai Wuzi. Just as Nange team believes that when they have been inner, Kwai Xinwu has used a slippery from Nange’s organizational midfield.

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The counterattack of Zhongyuan Middle School began.

Soccer Jersey DiscountKnows Xinwei who got the ball decided to do the dragon.

I saw him holding a ball attack, relying on a self-ending force to twisted Jing Zee, the coming of the philosophy and the “Tri Trinity Group”, and then the back of the Sikashi Siki and the high-race.

From this time, the market level of Kwai Xinwu will definitely take the top five in the Japanese player.

Kwai Xinshi twisted Schosaki and the high defense of the high, because the South Geka was pressed too much, so the Kwai Xinwu was forbidden to face the door.

At this time, South Ge’s door will be “Senaki Emperor”, and everyone’s heart is natural.

However, the captain of South Gearde’s air wings did not rush to oppress the Xinwumen, but calm and quickly rebounded, ready to meet the disappearance of Kwai Xinwu.

The big air wings look at the time, a stent, easy to take the football of Kwai Xinwu.

In fact, from primary school, the large air wings are in the official match, except for forward and midfield, the guard is also a guest, and there is very good play, so this defense is very successful.

This pair of large air wings and Kwai Wuwu also established an indestructible embarrassment between them.

After the big air wings grabbed the football, organized a counterattack immediately. Other players in Zhongyuan Middle School, which are inversely responsible for the no self-strength power of Weiu Wuwu. However, Kwai Xinwu has not given up, he is tough to the ground, and it is intended to continue the rest of the game.

Unfortunately, the coach saw his injury, and he replaced him, and he didn’t forget to warn him “not to comply with tactics.”

It’s still not counterattack … Maybe there is such coaches and teammates, so that the team will not be hit.

Everything is unable to save, and the second half of the Central Plains has tasted 6 goals, and they are still 1 goal, and it is lost in Nange. In addition to Kwai Xinwu, this reality is accepted by the coach or players. In the face of this scene, Kwai Xinwu will inevitably produce the idea of ??giving up football.

“If you like it, don’t give up.”

A strong voice came from the ear of Kwai Xinwu. He turned his head, it was the air wing gave him support.

Kwai Xinwu stopped recalling back to reality.

He has always remembered his dreams, which means the champion of the Japanese team won the World Cup. Just encounter a little difficult, how can I give up!

Since then, Kwai Xinwu has become rich in life in Italy. He got up earlier, and he had to practice several times before work. He believes that there will be one day, it will be able to join the professional football club.

In fact, when the big air wings are 15 years old, they left Japan to the Football Kingdom Brazil, join the local giants St. Paul Club, and constantly improve their football level.

On the day of the big air wing, Kwai Xinshi also came to the airport to travel.

Kwai Xinzhi wants, even if the big air wings have forgotten yourself, you have to send the best blessings: “You probably have forgotten me. But … even if you go to Brazil, please refuel!”

As a senior or idol, if you can remember the name of the youth or the supporter, look – even if it is a little bit, you will definitely make him feel excited, and the large air wings are just this.

“You are the 12th of Zhongyuan Middle School.”

In the surprises of Kwai Xinwu, the gift that throws out of the sky – is three silver coins, which are 100 yen, 25 US dollars and 10 francs.

These silver coins represent the 94-year US World Cup, the World Cup in the 1998 French World Cup, as well as the World Cup for Japan in 2002 (later held by Japan and South Korea).

This is a tacit commitment between two dreams boarding the world stage football players.

Kwai Xinwu welcomed the sun in the road in Milan City, he believes that he will definitely survive in Italy, because he is “the sun of the sun”!

If the big air wing is a person who is born for football, then Kwai Xinwu is a person who is born for the big air wing. He is different from the talents who are taught, as a “all-round midfield”, which is more focused on the offensive and defense connection of the midfield.

In fact, in the back of the plot, it is because the midfield has the existence of Kwai Xinwu, the Japanese team has increased the opportunity of the ball in the middle field, and the big air wings can release their own offense, let the team play a greater combat power. .

However, these are the following stories. I want to know how the matter is, and I will see the decomposition.

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