"Blue Eagle" temporarily hung’s head name, the champion is not there!


After defeating Bologna 2 to 0, Lazio’s anti-super competition, Juventus rancounted on the game, the first time the top of the top of the top, and became a continuous and unbeatable in the current five major league. The most team.

With a long-awaited lineup and very special business model, the club created the 120th anniversary of the 120th anniversary of the club, created the magic of Europe. Under the small factor, this “Blue Eagle” is flying high; the crazy goal is Mobile, and it is constantly highlighting the team’s attack passion. Strive for League Championship with Juventus, International Milan? why not?

In the 3-day birthday of the main display (January 6th, commemorative Jesus Xingling) celebrated the birthday, it was not a genius idea, but the Lazio fans will not blame the founders of this year. On January 9, 1900, the pioneers of “Blue Eagle” gathered together, created “Societa Spotiva Lazio”, a comprehensive sports club, while choosing the sky blue of the Olympic cradle – Greece.

In Italy, people have been waiting for a long time to wait until the New Year will go to the gift box. For Lazio fans, the 2019-20 season, “Oriental Three Kings” sent them a gift. On December 23, Sauda, ??Italy Super Cup, Lazio, defeated the Le League of C, Lazio. After a week, more than 10,000 fans came to the Folmelo Center and watched the first recovery training after the team’s New Year. Everyone gave the stars to the stars, and of course, they couldn’t greet the mascots of the club – the eagle called Ora.

At present, Lazio not only offensive, but also is very tough. League, Cup double kill Juventus, Acher is better than the “Blue Eagle” leader than led.

Record, constantly refresh

If you don’t understand the background, you may have a feeling of enthusiasm for Lazio fans so much.

In Juventus basically does not give the opponent’s Italian football, if other teams get a trophy, it is simply great glory. What’s more, this is the 16th prize in the history of the Lazio club, just allowed them to surpass the city of Rome Clubs in the same city.

Since 2012, Juventus has won 16 domestic competition trophy (Serie A, Italian Cup and Super Cup), and Lazio, who got four championships, is the most fear of “old women” roles!

Make the Lazio fans, this season, Mount Samini refused Juventus’s invitation, staying in the Roman Olympics; his team is no longer satisfied with the circle of Series champion from time to time. Food, but the emperor is standing opposite the strong. After 2 to 1 to defeat the International Milan at home on February 16, more and more people believe that this team has the strength to win the trophy of the 20 years!

From “walking”, to “why not”, the high-level attitude of the Lazio club has also changed. At least the “Blue Eagle” players will no longer cover up the battle, and the midfielder Qatari also dare to claim that “our middle frontcourt is the best”. Nowadays, in the Roman TV station, Wen Qinja Damo, Wenqin, Damo, said: “It is now in the future, the Champions League is already the lowest goal of this Lazio, they can defeat any opponent, defeat Juventus twice for continuous (all It is 3 to 1) that it is proven. “

Does Lazio have a powerful battle? Let the numbers talk. After the end of September last year, Lazio did not taste the failure in the league. It has been unbeaten in the league. It has been unbeaten, set off the new record of team history; defeated Florence from October last year, and swept Sampharia in January this year. The Blue Eagle “Hao Zi 11 consecutive victory, also refreshed the best grade of the club history.

The two-degree midfielder of the career for Lazio, Ottoman Dhaoba said that Xiaozuji’s team will compete, as long as there is no serious injury. “Compared with Juventus, International Milan, Lazio’s depth is far from; but from the quality of the game, the team in Simon is completely capable. In my opinion, now Lazio Kicking the best football in Italy, and this situation has been lasts for a few years. I really like the tactical style and football concept of West Mon, and today’s Lazio has played fast, but also can control the ball from the back field. It is also possible to make a threat by counterattack. Look at them, it is really cool. “

Chairman of the Eagle, a savvy housekeeper

The strength and goal of the team, Xiaozuji still has a clear understanding. He knows that Lazio’s advantage is that there is no huge pressure to compete for the championship, and the opponent is just the opposite.

2019-20, Lazio’s season budget is located 6 (130 million euros, only Juventus’s 1/4), and the total salary expenditure is also sixth. This condition, what else can you expect? At present, the team is in such a good location, to a large extent, thank the boss, “Tumen” Claudio Lotto.

The high-profile chairman acquired the club in 2004, where the economic crisis in Lazio, and he completed the negotiation with the tax department, and he can repay its debts in 20 years. Lotto cleaned the North Time of the Roman Olympic Stadium, fighting with extreme fans and their “dirty business”, and his personal safety has also been greatly threatened, and they have to carry bodyguards everywhere. Lazio Extreme Fans Multi-provocation tried to move the status of Lotto in the club through various provocation methods, but they have not succeeded. Not long ago, Lazio was fined 20,000 euros because the racket racist discrimination behavior, which is the only black spot in a great situation in a big situation.

In the face of storms and dark flow, Lottio not only lets Lazio stay stabilize, but also climbed up. In order to maintain competitiveness, Lotto understands some powerful helpers, such as 12 years ago, formerly transforming into sports managers, high-central, Albanian Tarre. It seems that this is a great appointment decision. The player’s era, Tarre is full of curiosity, likes to ponder, research the game, and collect opponent information. Tarre is an exterior direction, knowing multi-language, rich in football, and a very wide range of people.

A rigorous, work, serious Lazio “Tarre (left), often sitting on the coach, and analyzes the assistant with Peruzi (middle).

In the past few years, Tarre introduced a lot of excellent players to Lazio, such as 15 million euros from Belgian Middle Field Milinkovic-Savi, 5 million euros from Liverpool. Louis. · Alvesit, 19 million bought from Seville, Correya … In this year, the mediocreity of Seville is Due to Mobile, it is also recommended by Lazio under Tamare.

On February 16th, Serie A 24th round, Lazio 2 to 1 reverse the International Milan, Mi Wenkovic-Saviqi, in the second half of the second half, after entering the ball, life. This season is defeated by Serie A “two huge” at home, and Serbia is broken.


More importantly, in April 2016, Tarre suggested that Lotto is blended at the time of Lazio Preparatory team, Zhaghi to a team, and suddenly left in Bear Sa, let “small cause” complete . Today, Argentina’s “madman” has been forgotten by the city of Rome, Tarray and Xiaozi Zajimerica cooperate, create a team of advocating attack and stabilizing.

At present, the age structure of the Lazio core frame is very reasonable, Ru Du, Lu Lichi, and Parro will play an experience advantage, Lucas Leva and Mobile achieve rebirth, Qatardi, Strakha Young people such as Louis Felip have been reused. In the past two summer, the club has got a strong new aid, such as the 2018 Archerby and Huajin Corea, and Lari Lari and Honey in last summer.

For Lazio, last season Italy Cup won the championship, this season, the Italian Super Cup is not the end of the victory, but the beginning of the new success cycle. ” Here is a small factor Zhaji. The “Blue Eagle” coach not only tactically, but also completed a large number of psychological levels. Today, Lazio is not only beautiful, but also full of fighting, never give up. After the round of Ranchi 24, they completed 14 times in the last quarter of the game, and the replenishment stage was more than 8 goals! In October last year, at the end of Atlanta, Lazio, the last half of the first half, and the last half of the last 23 minutes, and the score was equalized.

Know people’s good use, advanced tactical concept, to lead the excellent Xiaozuji, helping a lot of Lazio players have improved the level in the past two years, such as the current team’s frontcourt Louis Alveito.

Today, Lazio is also good at absorbing lessons from failure. Xiaozuji admitted that he was too dependent on the core lineup last season. This season resolutely adopted a greater number of people’s rotation. “I don’t want the players to be exhausted in the sprint phase of the spring.” After defeating the International Milan, Lazio coach once again praised again. The confidence of the players is not the confidence of the championship, but compete for the championship. Xiaozuji even revealed the media, in his own contract, I have already joined the league winning reward!

“New Blue Eagle” in the famous eyes


Everton coach

“When I was coached Juventus, I lost to this team (1999-00). Although the lineup of Lazio is not strong enough, it is very intelligent and the organizationality is also very strong. They Know what you can do, at home, they can defeat any opponent! “


Liverpool coach

“This season, Lazio kicked out very well, I would sorry to Surreo and Kongtie, I support Lazio to win the archigue. Not only because Camisetas lionel messi they kicked beautiful, and because of Lucas Levi (Liverpool) And because Mobile (Dortmund) is my previous player, haha!

Swous-Golan Ericson

Lazio last Serie armor won the head coach

“There is no doubt that Lazio this season has expressed the potential of a champion team, and Simon (Zaji) did a great! I am very happy to see this team breaks Maglie da Calcio the recording created by my year. , Continue to win, spelling the last! “

Fabio Karvaro

Guangzhou Hengda coach

“Lazio is the biggest bright spot of Series this season. Because Mobila and Alveito are perfect, the team attack organization is very smooth, and the defense is more stable than before. But in my opinion, this team’s lineup Fussballtrikots kinder The depth is still not enough, I want to get the league champion, I need luck to help … “

Fabio Capello

Italian legend coach

“They look very confident, although more people do not optimize they join the Series championship! They are the biggest surprises this season, each player is contributing to the team, sacrifice themselves for teammates. Such a team, Unable to estimate the upper limit! “

This article is originally published from the 782th “Football Week”

Release Date: 2020.2.13

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